The Mystery Mansion (One Direction Horror Story)

Stella, her boyfriend and her best friends go and visit this mansion on top of a hill. Will they come out alive?????


4. Waking up

Stella's POV

"Stella baby, open your eyes" Niall says

I try to open my eyes but I can't. It's black all around me.

"Why can't see open her eyes?" Niall asked worriedly

"I don't know mate, just untie her and get her back to the room" Liam replies

I felt someone taking off the buckles and picking me up.

"I promise, I'm never going to leave your side" Niall whispered into my ear

We got back to the room and I was placed on the floor. I felt something over me, properly a blanket or a jacket. Someone moved my hair out of my face.

"Come on Stells open yor eyes" Hazza says

I'm trying but I can't, I can't even feel my arms. I trt to move my arms but I can't.

"What did they go to you Stells?" Louis asked

How the bloody hell am I suppsed to know, I was unconscious.

"How about we get some sleep guys, because today was just the beginning" Liam replies

"I'm starving" Niall stated

I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

"Goodnight baby, I'm sorry our anniversary yesterday wasn't the way we planned it to be" Niall says kissing my lips.

I smiled, man I love this boy. The next morning, I had feeling in my arms, but I was still having trouble opening my eyes. I felt Niall shift from his position.

"We need to get out of here" Niall whisper yells

"I know, but we can't, we have to do these tasks" Liam replies

"What if Stells never wakes up?" Niall asked worriedly.

"Stella will wake up, just give her time, she's been through a lot of pain" Louis replies

I heard Niall sigh and lean down and kiss me. Then the TV turns on.

"I've decided to let you have today of, so just rest up" the voicce says

"What about Stella, she's not waking up, what did you do to her?" Harry yells

"She will wake up" the voice then disappears.

"When?" Niall almost yells

Niall lays down beside me.

"Please Stella, open your eyes" Niall says

I'm trying really Niall I am. Only if you could hear me.

"We should order a pizza or something" Niall suggested.

"Good idea, I'll order" Zayn replies

Zayn takes out his phone and rings a pizza place.

"20 minutes" Zayn says.

My eyelids moved. Niall turns his head.

"That's it Stella, slowly does it" Niall says

I slowly open my eyes. I adjusted my eyes to the light. Niall hugs and kisses me.

"Alright mate, let the poor girl breathe" Liam chuckles

Niall pulls away and everyone else hugs me. Niall pulls me into his lap.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked

"Not the best day of my life" I replied

Niall shakes his head and kisses my temple. We heard the door bell ring.

"Pizza's here" Niall yells

I giggle and Zayn gets up and pays the man, Zayn comes back with 8 boxes of pizza.

"Dig in" Zayn says

"What do you want baby?" Niall asked

"I can get it" I said

"No, I'll get it, you had a rough dad yesterday, you need to rest" Niall replies

I sighed and moved from Niall's lap so he could get some. Niall brought 10 slices. 6 for him and 4 for me.

"You know I can't get all these" I said

"I know, but we haven't eaten for a day" Niall replies

I started eating.

"Do you have any ideas for what's next?" I asked

"Not a clue" Niall replies

Just on que the TV comes on.

"There are some chains out near the door. I want everyone of you to put the chains on one of your feet" the TV turns off.

Harry gets up and get the chains.

"So I'm guessing these have something to do with the next task" I said

"And they have a spike inside each of them" Harry replies

Harry hands one to each of us and we tied them to one of our feet, that's connected to eeryone. The TV turns on again.

"Get a good night's sleep, we start early tomorrow" then it disappears.

"Well goodnight evertybody" I exhaled

Goodnight baby" Niall says kissing my cheek.

We all fell asleep within minutes. Tomorrow's going to be a long day I just know it.


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