The Mystery Mansion (One Direction Horror Story)

Stella, her boyfriend and her best friends go and visit this mansion on top of a hill. Will they come out alive?????


7. Visitors

Still Stella's POV

The next morning I woke up having the urge to throw up. I quickly grabbed the bucket and threw up. Then there was a knock on the door. Since I was the only one up I had to get it. I slowly got up and made my way to the front door, I opened it and saw.......................... Ryan and Sally.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked

"We decided to hang with you" Ryan replies

"Once you come in, you won't be able to leave, me and the lads have been here for almost 4 days" I said

"Yeah right" Ryan replies

"Fine if you don't believe me, then come on in" I said

I started to feel dizzy. I showed Ryan and Sally to the room. The guys were still asleep.

"Go and wake them up" I said

Sally nodded and went to wake them up. Soon Niall, Liam and Louis woke up.

"What are you guys doing here?" Liam asked

"They came to hang?" I said

"Didn't you tell them?" Louis asked

"I did, but Ryan wouldn't buy it" I replied

"Baby are you okay, you still look sick?" Niall asked

"Actually no I'm not" I replied

All of a sudden I collapse onto the floor.

"Stella" Sally says

Niall comes over towards me and picked me up.

"Baby come on wake up" Niall says


Niall's POV

Stella collapsed to the floor.

"Stella" Sally says

I moved over to Stella and picked her up.

"Baby come on wake up" I said

Stella didn't even move. Soon enough the TV turns on. Ryan and Sally screamed.

"Stella did warn you" Liam replies

"Oh goody, 2 more people to torture" Grace says

"Grave let us go, Stella's not doing too good, she needs to go to the hospital" I reply

"I'm sorry I told you, you can't leave until you finished the tasks" Grace replies

Soon Harry and Zayn wake up.

"Good afternoon you two" I said

"Haha, what's wrong with Stella?" Harry asked

"She's not good" Louis replies

"What are Ryan and Sally doing here?" Zayn asked

"They came to hang, and before you ask, Stella did warn them, but Ryan didn't believe it" Liam replies

"I've got another task for you guys" Grace replies

"Stella can't do it, she's out cold" I yelled

"This task is easy, all you have to do is find a letter that is hiden in this house" Grace says before leaving.

"And you didn't believe Stella, you guys are in for it" Louis says.

I looked down at Stella, and she's still unconscious.

"How about you guys go find the letter, why I say here and look after Stella" I suggested

"Good idea, we will be back shorty" Liam replies

Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Ryan and Sally got up and went ot of the room.

"Come on baby wake up, what is wrong with you, I should have listened when you didn't want to come in here" I said almost crying

Stella still didn't move. I laid Stella down and put my jackt over Stella to keep her warm.

"Feel better soon baby" I said

I kissed Stella on the lips. The TV turns on.

"Why didn't you go with them?" Grace asked

"Because Stella's not doing too well, she needs to go to the hospital, she might die if she doesn't get seen to" I semi yelled

"Look It's the rules of the house, no one can leave without completing the tasks" Grace replies

"When will these tasks end?" I asked

"Soon" then the tv turns off.

I sighed and looked down at Stella.

"Please baby, be all right, I can't lose you" I said

Stella felt a little cold, her body temp was going down.


Liam's POV

We were looking high and low for this letter. I was holding Sally's hand.

"Do you think Stell will be okay?" Sally asked

"Honestly I don't know, she's been through a lot" I replied

Sally started to tear up. I bend down so I was at her level.

"Hey hey, it's going to be okay, Stella is a strong girl, she will be fine" I said hugging Stella.

Sally smiled and I pulled back.

"Let's go find the others" I said

Sally was still holding my hand. We found the others. Zayn had the letter in his hands. Sally and I walked over to them. Louis loooked up and saw that Sally had red puffy eyes.

"Sal what's the matter?" Louis asked

"Stella" Sally replies

"She's a strong girl, she'll pull through" Zayn replies

I grabbed the letter out of Zayn's hands.

"Let's go back to Niall and Stella" Harry replies

We all made our way back to the room. I saw Stella and she was pale as.

"How's Stella?" Ryan asked

Niall turned with red puffy eyes.

"There's no change" Niall's voice cracked


Niall's POV

Stella was still unconscious. Liam checked her over.

"Zayn pass you jacket over" Liam asked

"Why?" Zayn replies taking off his jacket.

"Because Stella's body temperature is going down, and we want to keep her alive" Liam explains

Liam grabbed Zayn's jacket and wrapped it around Stella.

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked

"If we don't keep her body temp up then she will die. We need to get out of here" Liam replies

"But we can't" Harry replies

"Fine, we need blankets and jackets to keep Stella alive" Liam replies

Harry and Zayn went to find some blankets. Ryan and Sally pssed Liam their jackets.

"Hang in there baby please, these tasks will end soon, so just hold on" I replied trying to keep the tears from coming.

10 minutes later and Harry and Zayn brought in about 5 blankets. Harry and Zayn passed them over to Liam, so he could wrap them around Stella.

"Now we wait" Liam replies

"Come on baby get better" I said kissing her temple.

"She feels really cold" I replied

"It will take some time Niall" Liam replies

I sighed, I hate seeing her like this. I saw the note in Liam's hand.

"What dows it say?" I asjed

"I don't know, let's find out" Harry replies

Dear Pumpkin Pie,
My nickname I always gave you, you can't read this letter until you turn 16, that's the way your mother and I planned. I'm sorry that I'm always working and don't have enough time for you at the moment. You see your mother is really ill, I want you to know that your mother and I love you every much and nothing is stopping that. We kind of have a scret and now that you are old enough to understand, you kind of have an older brother, when you were born, he was 17 and went off to college to become a teacher. Your brother's name is Hugo. I'm so sorry that we had to keep this secret for so long, it killed me everyday not telling you about him. I will always love you Pumpkin Pie.
Love you Pumpkin Pie,

"Wow Grace had a brother that she didn't know about" Louis replied

Just then the TV turns on. Ryan and Sally jumped.

"I see you found the note" Grace replies

"Just one question, how old were you when this mansion caught on fire?" Liam asked

"I was 8 why?" Grace replies

"Because this letter, you were ment to read it when you were 16" Harry replies

"Well?" Grace replies

"You have an older brother, who is 17 years older then you" Liam replies

"What's his name?" Grace replies

"Hugo" Zayn replies

"Alright get some rest tomorrow's another long day" Grace replies

The TV turns off and we all turn to Stella. I felt her forehead.

"No she's still the same as before, we need to get out of here NOW" I yelled the last part.

"We can't Niall and you know that" Liam replies

"What if Stella dies, hey what do we do then, get her to the hopsital and say 'we were in a mystery mansion and my girlfriend is dead'" I replied

"I know you're upset Niall but you need to have faith in Stella" Liam replies

"I do have faith in her, but what if she never wakes up, I'm being realistic" I stated

"Let's just get some rest, all of us" Liam replies

I looked over to Sally and saw her crying.

"Sal come here" I said

Sally and Stella got on well together, they were best friends even though Stella is 11 years older then Sally, and lives with us. Sally moved over to where I was.

"Sal, Stella is going to be alright, we just need to keep her warm and check her temp every 10 minutes. She's been through a lot of pain since we've been here, she just needs time to heal" I replied

"What if your right, what if she dies and we don't get out of here" Sally replies

"Stella is a fighter and she always will be, it even kills me just looking at her knowing that I can't help her, we didn't even have our anniversary dinner yet because we've been in here" I replied

"Well when we get out of here, I'm sure mum would like to see you, she loves you, you know Niall, she thinks of you as her son-in-law" Sally replies

"Really?" I replied

"Really, she hopes that you and Stella stay together, Stella's been throgh too many heartbreaks, but when she bumped into you in Ireland, she knew you were the one" Sally replies

"Well let's get some rest, so you can be your best for when she wakes up" I replied

Sally nodded and yawned. I laid Sally down next to Stella and I moved to the otherside of Stella. I kissed Stella on the check and fell asleep.

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