The Mystery Mansion (One Direction Horror Story)

Stella, her boyfriend and her best friends go and visit this mansion on top of a hill. Will they come out alive?????


3. First Task

Niall's POV

I woke up to no Stella in my arms.

"Stella, Stella, STELLA" I yelled

Everyone jolted up.

"Niall what's wrong?" Liam asked

"I can't seem to find Stella" I replied

Soon the boys eyes widened. We searched high and low for Stella.

"Stella, come on baby, don't play around, it's not funny" I replied

Then the TV turns on.

"It's time for your first task, I had to take someone dear to all of you. Now the only way to get Stella back is if you complete this task. The first task have to be in contact with something you hate or fear. If you fail something bad will happen to Stella" the voice replies

The TV turns off.

"What does it mean, stella will get it?" I asked

Everyone grew silent.

"We have to do this task for Stella" Harry repies

We all nodded.

"Hang on Stells, please" I thought.

"She will be okay Niall" Liam replies

The TV turns back on.

"Who will go first, how about Liam?" the voice replies

Liam nodded and a secret door opened.

"You have to last 3 minutes, if not Stella gets it" the voice disappears

Liam walked into the room and saw spoons. Liam started to freak out.

"Do it for Stella" Liam whispers to himself

Liam couldn't take it anymore.

"I want out" Liam says

"You have 2 more minutes mate, please for Stella" I said

Liam shock his head.

"If you want out Liam. Just say so" the voice says

I gave him a sad look. Then we heard Stella scream.

"STELLA" I shouted

"You wer warned, okay so who is next, how about Harry?" the voice says

Harry walks in and sees high places everywhere.

"You have to climb the highest place you see, and stand on there for 3 minutes" the voice then disappears

Harry took a deep breath.

"For Stella" Harry says

Harry walks up to the highest place and climbs up. He reaches the highest point. He shock his head, he looked like he was going to pass out.

"I can't, I'm sorry Nialler" Harry says

"At least you tired Hazza" I reply

Then we heard another scream from Stella. I almost lost it. Liam walked up and patted me on the back.

"There's still 3 of us to go, if we can do it, we can get Stella back" Liam says trying to comfort me.

I took a deep breath.

"Well well well, 2 failed to complete the task, let's see if the other 3 can, okay the next is Zayn" the voice says

Zayn walks in. Zayn sees water everywhere.

"I have to for Stella" Zayn says to himself.

3 minutes later.....Zayn comes out.

"Good job mate" Louis says

"Okay the next person is going to be Louis" the voice says

Louis walked in and saw a mirror. Louis walked up to it and saw himself, when he looks like at 85. Louis stares at the mirror. 3 minutes later the TV comes on and Louis walks out.

"Okay so two have managed to complete the task, let's see if Niall can" the voice soon disappears

I walked into a small.

"I can do this, for Stella, I can do this" I said over and over to myself.

3 minutes later....the door opens and I'm allowed out.

"Well done Niall, you have completed the first task, you may go and get Stella" the voice disappears.

"I hope she's okay?" I said

"Don't worry she will be" Liam replies

"We looked in different rooms. We came to the last one and saw Stella tied up to a torture table. Stella looked pale and weak. I walked over to her.

"Stella baby, open your eyes" I said.


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