The Mystery Mansion (One Direction Horror Story)

Stella, her boyfriend and her best friends go and visit this mansion on top of a hill. Will they come out alive?????


8. Fifth task

Still Niall's POV

We all woke up to the TV turning on. I looked beside me and saw Stella still unconscios.

"Well it's time for your next task, it's called hide and seek, I want you to all close your eyes, when I want you to open them, I will say and you have to find that person or people that I hidden" Grace replies

"What about Stella, she's still unconscious, she can't do anything" Liam replies

"Alright close your eyes all of you" Grace replies

We closed our eyes and waited.

"Alright, you can open your eyes" Grace replies

We opened our eyes and saw Sally, Ryan and Stella were gone.

"Stella is not well, she shouldn't have been taken" I yell

"It's the rules, you have 2 hours to find them and your time starts........Now" Graces says before disappearing.

"We should split up" Liam suggested

"I'll go on my own, I'll look for Stella" I said

I ran off to find Stella. Harry and Liam went to find Ryan and Zayn and Louis went to find Sally. I was having trouble finding Stellla because she was unconscious.


Liam's POV

Harry and I were on our way to find Ryan.

"Ryan" Harry yelled

"Ryan where are you?" I shouted

We heard screams. Harry and I went into a sprint and we came closer and closer to the person who screamed. We opened the door and saw Ryan tied up with knives pointing at him. Harry went to grabbed the knives while I untied Ryan.

"Was I the only one taken?" Ryan asked

"No, we are still looking for Sally and Stella" I replied

"But Stella can't talk though" Ryan replies

"I know, but it was a task, but Louis and Zayn are looking for Sally while Niall is looking for Stella. He will have the hardest time" Harry replies

"You know Stella was right about not going into this mansion. But did any of us listen no. And now Stella is really sick and we can't get her out of here to be seen to" I replied

Harry helped Ryan and we went to find the others.


Zayn's POV

Louis and I were on our way to find Stella.

"Poor Niall, he's having a hard time with Stella and the way she is" Louis replies

"Sally" I yelled

"SALLY" Louis 10x yelled

We heard a squeal from someone. We ran to a room and saw Sally tied up to a bed with an ugly looking clown in the corner. We quickly untied Sally.

"Sal are you okay?" Louis asked

"Yes, where's everyone else?" Sally asked

"Liam and Harry are looking for Ryan" I replied

"What about Niall?" Sally asked

We both looked at each other but stayed quiet.

"Where is Niall?" Sallu snapped

"Um.....he went to find Stella" Louis replies

"Stella's gone to, we have to help him" Sally cried

"We will" I replied

Sally got up and we went to find the others. We came to a corridor and met up with Liam, Harry and Ryan.

"Where's Niall?" I asked

"Haven't seen him since we left the room" Harry replies

We ran to find Niall and Stella.


Niall's POV

"Stella, come on baby, tell me that you're awake, I need to hear your voice" I shouted

Still nothing. I looked in different rooms. I looked at my phone and saw that we had 30 minutes to find Stella.

"Niall? Stella?" I heard someone shout, it sounded like Harry.

"I'm over here" I yelled

Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Sally and Ryan came up to me.

"I have no clue where Stella is, and we have 28 minutes to find her" I replied

"Niall we will find her, don't you worry" Liam replies rubbing my back.

We ran in and out of different rooms. We came to one and saw Stella. But she didn't look too good. I ran up to Stella.

"Stella, baby, wake up" I said

I felt Stella and got worried

"We have to get her back to the room NOW" I replied

"Why?" Harry asked

"Because she's really cold" I replied

I picked up Stella and we went back to the room. I laid Stella down on the floor and rugged Stella up, to get her body heat up again.

"Grace, we've done the tasks, now can we leave" I shouted

The TV turns on and we all looked.

"You guys still have a few tasks left" Grace says before leaving.

"I'm hungry" I replied

"We all are, how about we order Chinese?" Louis replies

We nodded and Liam went to order. 10 minutes later Liam comes back.

"Should be here in 20 minutes" Liam replies

"20 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Liam got up and got the Chinese and came back. Liam had 100 containers of Chinese in his hands. Harry got up and helped Liam. We started digging in.

"We should leave some for Stella in case she waskes up" Sally suggested

"Good idea" I replied

After dinner we decided to hit the floor.

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