One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


14. Trick or Treat

Caitlin P.O.V

We started walking at around 6 o'clock and stopped at every house I walked hand in hand with Louis the same as Jess and Zayn. But Zara and Liam walked next to each other the same as Lauren and Niall and Harry walked next to me.

We went to a few houses in the next street then we went to the next one over. At one stage we stopped because we were fixing up our shoes so the boys went ahead. We finished fixing our shoes and went to catch up with the boys but before we got there, a van stopped beside us, grabbed us and put us in his van and drove off.


Louis P.O.V

It had been awhile since the girls stopped to fix there heels so we went to see what a good house would be to go to so when we turned around to go back to the girls I saw a guy in a mask grab Caitlin and the rest of the girls and put them in a white van and drove off. As the car sped down the road I screamed "Caitlin" and the boys realized what happened and started running with me.

As we continued running we came to a intersection and lost the van and earlier Zayn took and pic of the van. While Zayn and I cried on the corner of the road. Liam rang the police and told them what happened. I am worried about Catlin, I know we started dating not that long ago but I love her and I know Zayn is feeling the same way about Jess.


Caitlin P.O.V

We had no clue where we were going as the windows were really darkly tinted. We felt the van hault to a stop the next thing we know the van doors fly open and the guy with the mask appears and takes us to a abandoned apartment he tied us to a bed and covered our mouths with tape so we couldn't scream.

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