One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


12. The new couple

While truth or dare was going on it looked like Jess and Zayn were more than friends it didn't surprise me though Jess always loved Zayn.

We all ended up staying over Loui and Harry's house and all woke up by music and louis dancing like he always did so we all got up and got changed,

We all were thinking of what to do till Zayn, Niall and Liam all had the same idea to go to the beach we all shouted YES so we got changed into bikinis well me and Jess that is while the boys packed the car of stuff we could do there.

On the drive to the beach what makes you beautiful came on so while Harry was driving him and the boys sang but louis wouldn't stop staring at me and Zayn wouldn't stop starring at Jess well if that meant they were a couple well that will be great because me and louis could go on double dates with them.

When we got to the beach me and Jess worked on our tans while the boys played football after we played vollyball it was me, Louis and Harry on one team and Jess, Zayn and Liam on the other team Niall sat out because he wanted to eat. We started playing the ball came to me i have never been good at this game so i missied it but luckily Louis was behind me and he hit it.

Me and Jess gave up quickily for the simple fact we can't play that game so while the boys kept playing me and Jess just  sat and talked about me and Louis and her and Zayn.

" So jess what's with you and Zayn"

"Well i like him but i don't know what he thinks of me

"I bet he likes you but why dont you ask him"

"It will be embarrasing"

"And all the things we've done at school isn't"

"Good point I will ask him later so what about you and Louis"

"Well we have been on a date and kissed before i think I really like him and I think he may feel the same way"

After that the boys yelled out

"Let's go for a swim"

So we all raced down to the water and played shoulder wars i was on Louie's shoulders, Jess was on Zayn's shoulders and Niall was on Harry's shoulders while Liam refered. So every was taller than me and Louis so i kept pushing them in their stomaches and kept pushing them off me and Louis won every match.

It was about 5 o'clock by the time we finished everything we wanted to do so we went back to Louie's and Harry's house.

When we got there we sat in the lounge room but Zayn grabbed jessie's hand and took her outside I didn't know what happened out there until they came back inside and Jess took me upstairs.

We stood there for a minute in silence untill i broke it by saying

"So what happened out there"

"He asked me out on a date"

"Rreally thats awesome when is it"

"In two weeks I cant wait i wish it was tomorrow and i bet it will be the longest two weeks of my life"

"Dont worry about how long it feels like your going on a date with a Brittish superstar"

"I am but lets go back"

 We walked back down stairs all happy and walked in the lounge room were it was quiet until the boys turned and smiled at us I guess Zayn told them when Jess told me I wonder if the boys told Zayn to ask her because they knew he liked her i don't know but now me and Louis aren't the only couple which wont make it as awkward,

Anyway we sat there watching paranormal activity which one i dont know  i sat with Louis and Jess sat with Zayn while the other guys sat on the floor and Niall eating food.

We were sitting there and at the scary parts the boys would yell out stuff like

"Dont go out there"

"It feeds off fear"

"stop messing with it"

Really loud and Louis was the loudest so i had lots of screaming in my ear.

When the movie was over me and Jess siad goodbye to the boys and went back to my house so Jess can sleepover. For most of the night we sat and alked about people from school.

Then we thought that me, Jess, Zara and Lauren should go shopping next weekend and decided to ask the other girls on monday.

After talking about how fun the weekend will be we fell asleep i think it was about 2 in the morning and we had to get up early for school stupid thing to do i know.

We woke up walked down stairs to see pancakes the smelt like heaven and tasted like clouds.

We fibnished having breakfast and got ready for school then walkedd out the door and when we walked past Harry's and Louie's house louie yelled

"Hey wanna lift"

I turned to look at Jess the exact same time she turned to me so i guess that is two yeses then Louis said the exact thing.

We hopped in the car and told him our plans for this weekend he thought it was a good idea.

We got to school and walked around to find Zara and Lauren we ended up findig them under a tree in the shade we ran over and told them our idea for the weekend and asked if they wanted to go they had a pretty clear answer by screaming out YES

The bell went a short time later I had english with Zara most of the lesson we sat there talking about how much fun this weekend will be.

Then the bell went again and i walked to math with Jess and Lauren we walked in the classroom and sat in oour normal spot at the back and just talked as usual we did some work near the end of the class we packed up and headed to the area we sit

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