One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


18. The Birthday Boy

The next morning I woke up and looked to where Zayn should have been and went for a shower and put on one of Zayn’s shirts that was long enough to be a dress on me and went downstairs. I looked in the lounge room and didn’t see him so I went to the kitchen and saw him making pancakes as I went to say morning he came over and hugged me saying morning. Then said sit down breakfast is almost ready so I sat at the table looking at him then he came over with 2 plates that had the perfect pancakes on them we ate in silence then he said what do you want to do today I replied lets go see the rest of the boys and my girls.

So after breakfast we got changed and went to Louis’s and Harry’s house we got to the door Zayn opened it and we walked into the lounge were a lot of popcorn and a stack of DVD’s  and everyone on the floor and couch asleep. So we stared at each other and had the same idea which was to yell wake up so we counted down together 3 2 1 WAKE UP  as we yelled we saw them all jump from where they were laying.

Caitlin’s POV

I was sleeping heavenly in Louie’s arms on the couch when Jess and Zayn yelled to wake us up we were all up late last night watching movies while them two went on their date. I wonder how it went. So we got up and stared at Jess and Zayn evilly for waking us up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

The boys told us to sit at the table so we did they started to cook some bacon and then some eggs while waiting me and the girls were talking about the new season of x-factor and how we were going to watch it. And while talking about it I saw the boys whisper to each other and look at me every now and then.

We ate breakfast and me and the girls went shopping to buy the boys their Christmas presents.

Louis’s POV

The girls decided to go shopping for our Christmas presents and while they were talking about the x-factor this morning it gave us an idea of what to get Caitlin for Christmas I think she still doesn’t believe me about how I said that she could be a professional singer so we decided that we would sign her up for this season of x-factor. As soon as we decided on what we were doing for her we went on Niall’s laptop to get an application form and before we got on the website the girls walked through the door so we slammed the laptop shut and sat at the table eating and talking.

Caitlin’s POV

We walked through the door and saw the boys in the kitchen sitting at the table which is unusual their always in the lounge room and they had the laptop on the table which I think I heard be slammed shut. I think something is going on and it’s about one of us girls.

Anyway it was Louis’s birthday in two days so we asked him what he wanted to do he said nothing and then he went home because he said he needed to do some stuff so while he was gone I said we should throw him a party so while I planned the decorations and the food I got Harry to ring Louis’s mum to see if her and his sister will come.

We continued planning till about 10 o’clock till the rest of the boys went home but the next day me and the girls went shopping for his present and the stuff for the party while the boys kept Louis busy.

While the boys went out with Louis me and the girls decorated Louis’s house with red balloons, multi coloured streamers as we waited I got a text from Harry saying be there in 5 so we bought out the cake and the rest of the food and drink as we sat down in the kitchen we saw the car drive in and we jumped and went to the door Harry opened then the boys followed Louis was the last in so me and the girls jumped out from behind the door yelling “SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS”

He instantly smiled and had the most hilarious surprised face I have ever seen. Once he was less shocked he gave me a kiss and he looked around the room the first thing he saw and talked about was the superman cake that we made him. I gave him my present which was the superman DVD’s and superman converses. He loved what we have done then I said that’s not the last of it then Harry walked outside and came back in with Louis’s mum and sisters that he hasn’t seen in a while.

His smile got even bigger even though I didn’t think it was possible he was so happy at seeing his family again he even started to cry. Me and the girls just huddled together watching him hug his family all emotional and we even started to cry.

Louis’s POV

I can’t believe it my mum and my sisters in London I haven’t seen them in ages I’ve missed them so much. After I hugged them and everything else I took my mum over to Caitlin and introduced Caitlin to her. Mum seems to like Caitlin which is good and apparently they have already talked on the phone to what mum said when I introduced her.

“So this is the one that asked me to come” mum said

“Yes I am nice to meet you” Caitlin replied

Then she turned to me and said

“This is the girl you have told me about when we are on the phone”

“Yes it is”

There was a long pause before she replied I think it made Caitlin nervous and made me nervous then she replied.

“Well Caitlin thank you for getting me to come and it’s nice to meet you to”

Then I introduced her to the rest of the girls while Caitlin talked to my sisters.

Caitlin’s POV

I was so scared when Louis bought his mum over to me I know I have spoken to her on the phone before but it’s still scary. The first that she said was like she didn’t like me but then she was like less serious and said that she liked me and everything which was a relief.

Then I met his sisters they were so cute just like their brother not surprised though I danced with them for a while until Louis wanted to dance with me and asked what I was doing tomorrow which was Christmas. I told him that I was with my parents and sister in the morning and that I can see him and the boys in the afternoon if he wasn’t busy. He replied with great and I’m not doing anything then.

We danced and played games for the next few hours until we all went home I stayed a bit later than the rest of the girls and the other 2 boys because of living next door. It was a fun day I hope he liked the party and had a good birthday.

As I was walking towards the door to go home I asked Louis if he had a good day he replied.

“it was the best birthday ever thanks to you I love you Caitlin”

I smiled and said I love you back then he gave me a kiss then I headed home and wrapped the presents I got the boys and then went to sleep.

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