One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


4. New House & New Neighbors

After that terribly long flight from Australia to London we reached our new house it looked nice but all I did was race to see which room was the biggestso that could be my room and guess what.... I WON. So after  the race I started unpacking my room it came together very quickly but it looked awesome with one whole chunck of a wall with pictures of all my friends from back home and the rest of my walls my favorite boy band of all time ONE DIRECTION I setteled in fairly quickly but then the doorbell rang so I quickly yelled


"I will get it"


So when i opened the door to see two of the members from One Direction at the door.


I stood ther frozen thinking in my head what am i going to say and do until it just came out of me


A very shy "hi"


So as I was still standing there frozen they said


"Hi I am Louis and this is Harry but by the look of it you already know who we are"


"Yes I do know who you are I love you Louis"


"well we bought this basket to help you settle into the nieghborhood"


Thanks I said then it was a massive urge to say it till it came out wanna come in


"Yes that would be lovely"


Louis's POV

We stood at the door waiting for someone to open it then all of a sudden a beautiful young looking girl opens the door she stood there frozen obviously knowing who we were. I wanted to go to get to know her more and then she said you wanna come in so I said as quickly as i could


"We would love that"


Without even asking Harry what he thought


Caitlin's POV


OMG he said yes I have loved Louis Tomlinson scince I saw him on the X-Factor so after having a little happy dance in my head I told them to follow me in so when we made it to the living room we sat and talked. The first thing they said  was what is your name sweetie so i quickly replied.



That is a beautiful name Louis said then they asked do you have any talents I said I don't know I might. Well what is it Louis said. Well I think I can sing.

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