One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


13. My Secret

At the break we talked about the usual things like celebrities and other people at school until Zara got on the topic of one direction and there new cd and I accidentally slipped out that harry and Louis were my neighbours   and I hang out with them every afternoon and Jess has been with me before. Thank god I didn’t tell them about me and Louis going out and Jess and Zayn god they would of killed us then.

They reacted more than I thought they jumped up and down saying OMG they are and you never told us and you have been living here for how long.

Jess’s POV

I can’t believe she let that slip out so easily we promised that we would tell them this weekend when they were at Caitlin’s house and the boys came around. Anyway I am glad to get one secret out of the way it’s just the other one now hope Caitlin doesn’t say the other one soon otherwise it won’t be a surprise like when I found out about Caitlin and Louis.

Zara’s POV

I can’t believe she didn’t tell us seriously she knows I love them I can understand why she told Jess because they have been best friends for like ever back in Australia but still why keep it a secret and I wonder if there are any other secrets about them two and the boys.

Lauren’s POV

I couldn’t believe when she said it, it took me a while to grasp what she said it was just surprising to hear it and awesome to hear it to. I hope she will let us meet them sometime and if they were ever going to tell us.

Caitlin’s POV

I still can’t believe I said it I wonder if they hate us for not telling them anyway least that secrets out I wonder what they will be like if they find out about me and Jess and the two boys.

The bell went to go home and they all walked home with me we walked through the front door and walked to my room. After sitting there listening to music while doing each other’s homework the doorbell rang I heard dad yell Caitlin your friends are here.

I knew who it was so did Jess so we blind folded Lauren and Zara up to surprise them lucky my sister wasn’t home because I still haven’t told her about the boys either.

Me and Jess raced down the stairs and told the boys what will happen so they followed us upstairs quietly stood in front of Lauren and Zara and we took off the blindfolds.

Zara straight away launched onto Liam and Lauren just sat all surprised and stunned and trying to talk but she was speechless.

Lauren’s POV

I can’t believe it one direction standing right in front of me I didn’t know what to do if I should sit there and stare or jump on them Zara went for the second idea and jumped straight on Liam I decided to just sit there trying to speak but I couldn’t the first time ever I have been speechless.

Zara’s POV

What is happening I find out my friends knows one direction and then meet them  today is the best day of my life so far I can’t express how happy I am it’s just so exciting I feel like I could die of excitement like seriously.

Louis’s POV

Well when Caitlin and Jess said they would be excited to meet us I didn’t think they would be that excited. I think neither did them two it’s alright though me and the boys are kind of use to it. I think Liam is falling for Zara he wouldn’t let go of her when she was hugging him or it could just be his personality I don’t know but anyway it was nice to meet more of Caitlin’s friends.

Caitlin’s POV

After the two of them calmed down we went next door and played soccer the teams were uneven so we made them even by making me, Louis, Liam and Zara against Jess, Zayn, Niall and Lauren and Harry reefing.

It was our go to kick off first Louis kicked to Liam then Liam went up the field then Zayn took it off him then Louis took it off Zayn passed it to me and I went to score a goal and missed the goal by like a centimetre like every other time I have played soccer the game went on for a while all of the boys kept getting pulled up for penalties.

So the game ended up as tie 4-4 I didn’t really care but the boys did they wanted a rematch and everything the boys didn’t end up getting a rematch so we all just went inside me and the girls laid on the floor under the fan to cool down.

After laying there for a while we decided to go for a walk we ended up at a park with a giant playground so Louis yelled let’s go and started running towards the playground the rest of the boys followed after him and then me, Jess, Lauren and Zara chased after them we ended up playing tiggy on the playground so while Louis was it he chased after me after I went down the slide he grabbed me and planted me softly on the ground and kissed me and said your it.

After that we continued playing I got Niall and I think he was it the most. After playing tiggy we ended up remembering that Halloween was in two days we all decided to go trick or treating so which added another reason  to go shopping with the girls tomorrow.

We went home stayed at Harry & Louis’s house and talked for a while then me and the rest of the girls went back to my house for a sleepover we did makeovers when we were bored and played just dance 4 on the Xbox and danced to what makes you beautiful.

We woke up the next morning by my sister screaming WAKE UP I WANNA SIT ON THE COUCH. We didn’t wanna move but we would of got in trouble if we didn’t so we had breakfast and went to my room to get dressed we all just wore something simple.

 Dad dropped us off at the shops and we went to the costume shop we all had ideas in our head of what we wanted to be.

We walked in the shop and walked around finding parts of our costume and picking random things and showing them to each other. After looking around for about 2 hours we bought our costumes and as we were leaving the store we saw the boys walking in I am guessing they were getting their costumes.

We stayed and helped the boys pick their costume and then went for lunch. After that we went to my house it was awesome because it was just us guys because my sister and my parents went out.

We sat there talking and watching TV until about 4 o’clock when us girls went to my room to get changed into our costumes and the boys went next door to do the same.

As we were still getting ready the boys came back over in their costumes they sat in the living room waiting for us.

We finished getting ready and walked down stairs as they heard our shoes on the floor of the stairs we heard them stand.

Louis’s POV

We sat there in silence waiting for the girls a few moments later we heard them come down the stairs so we stood up we all couldn’t wait to see what they were.

Caitlin’s POV

We walked down the stairs and saw the boys in their costumes Louis was superman, Liam was batman, Harry was a cat, Zayn was a hippie and Niall was a ghost. They looked awesome in their costumes.

Louis’s POV

The girls looked awesome especially Caitlin they defiantly looked better than us Caitlin was a devil with a short red dress and devil horns, Jess was a naughty school girl tight skirt and all, Zara was a vampire and Lauren was a bunny.

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