One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


19. Merry Christmas

I woke up and realised that today was Christmas and I hear Christmas carols from downstairs so I walked downstairs shouted Merry Christmas and hugged my parents and they gave me my presents and everything I got was one direction and one of the items I have to hide it, it was a cardboard cut-out of Louis which would be embarrassing if he ever saw it. I spent just until after lunch with my family then I went next door. I walked through the door and was ambushed with hugs and screaming of merry Christmas and was given a Santa’s hat to wear we sang for a while and then we started to open our presents the girls went first jess gave me a few horror movies which was cool, Lauren gave me a Minnie mouse pillow pet which I loved and Zara got mt some SpongeBob things.

I gave them my presents next jess got a charm bracelet, Lauren I got some netball thing and Zara I got her one of the seasons of vampire diaries. Then I gave the boys their presents Liam got batman stuff, Niall an Irish flag T-shirt and hat, Zayn I gave him a denim jacket, Harry a T-shirt with a cat on it and I got Louis a superman onesie. Then the boys gave us our presents the boys said before they gave me mine that theirs is all in one for me. There was a long pause before they gave me a note that said you application was accepted I asked what the application was for then they replied the X-factor. I died literally I can’t believe they did that it’s amazing.

I screamed for like 10 minutes then I calmed down and read when it is which was the 8th of January that’s in two weeks I said. Yes they replied all happy that I liked what they gave me.

I freaked out all I could think of was that I will never be ready for this I have to pick a song then practice and decide what I am going to wear. I calmed down thinking that my friends and the boys can help sort everything out because they have been in my shoes and look where they are at now.

We sang Christmas carols and mucked around until we all got hungry so we decided to go to the little take out place just up the road.

The walk there was funny I jumped on Louis’s back with him not expecting it so I jumped and he quickly had to catch me so I wouldn’t hit the ground. I said to him I want I piggy back and he did he span around in circles jumped up and down. Everyone else was just watching and laughing and people I cars and just walking were looking at us like what the hell is wrong with you.

We got to the shop and ordered and it was like everything on the menu because of course Niall. We took the food and went to the park next to it and ate our food.

We had finished our food and then decided to play on the playground obviously it was Louis’s idea. We played on the playground for a while before we started to walk back to Louis’s and Harry’s house they decided that we should go back to my house. I agreed and we kept walking.

As we walked through the front door I remember that my parents and sister we still home and that they still haven’t me our neighbours in other words Harry and Louis. As I closed the front door and walked into the living room with the others behind me I looked at me sister sitting on the couch looking at her phone. I said hi to my parents and so did all of the rest of them. My parents looked up from what they were doing and saw them standing there. They looked at like who are these people until my sister looked up and saw Niall and screamed.


As soon as she said that I turned around to look at Niall he had a smile on his face but I could see that he was a little bit scared I mean that I would be to my sister is crazy. She jumped up and down for a minute before running over to Niall and introducing herself and she was talking so fast that I couldn’t understand her. Niall just stood there talking to her and looking at me like what the hell is happening.

I introduced my mum and dad to the rest of the boys and told them that Harry and Louis are our neighbours and that is where I have been hanging out all the time. They looked at me like I was crazy and that none of this was real.

I told them the boys got me an audition on the x-factor and they freaked out because I have always said that I would go but I have always been too afraid to and now I actually am. We all sat in the lounge room talking and Aimee was freaking out the whole time she hasn’t gotten mad at me yet for not telling her that I have met them and have been hanging out with them but maybe when she settles down and it actually sinks she may be. But I don’t really care.

We stayed at my house and we all were just sitting in the lounge room just talking to my sister and parents. At one stage Aimee ran up to her room to get her phone so she could take a photo with the boys so she could show her friends back in Australia.

They all stayed for dinner than we all went out in to the back yard for a swim in the pool. The boys jumped in pool first and then the girls. I jumped in last and landed right in the middle of the pool. We swam around for the rest of the afternoon before we went to watch tv in the lounge room where we all fell asleep.

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