One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


1. Last day

Caitlin's POV

I woke up with the sun in my eyes and realized oh crap school so i got changed into my creamy color dress with tie up boots with a heel on them and let my hair flow over my shoulders my favourite outfit ever just as I was walking down the stairs I heard the doorbell ring it was one of my friends Jess. We walked to school together every morning except it was quieter and different today because it is the last day we will do this. You see I am moving to London next week because of my dad's new job.

As we reached the gate of the school we were talking about how much we would miss each other then when we reached the rest of our friends I got trampled on literally by them all wanting to give me hugs (WOW).

When the bell for the end of the school day went we stood in front of the school for what felt like ages standing with my friends crying and hugging saying how much we will miss each other and how different everything will be.

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