One Direction Changed My Life

when Caitlin moves to London she never thought her and her friends would meet the love of their lives and expecially with who they are.
most of the chapters are short so i am sorry about that


11. Jess

So the next day I went to school got to dance and saw a very familiar face their in my mind I was thinking of who but I already knew who it was it was my best friend Jess from Australia  so I yelled.


Everyone stared at me but who cares about them so at lunch I introduced Jess to my new friends Lauren and Zara they looked like they were getting along but all I did was talk to jess about how Australia was and why she was here in Brittin.

"I am here because my dad got a new job like yours"

"Really" i replied "that is awesome so when did you get here in London"

"I got here on sunday"

" I was at the beach carnival"


"wanna come back to my house and see my neighbors"

"hell yeah"

Jess's POV

I was so excited when I was told we were moving to London because my best friend is there and knowing who her neighbors were and excited to meet her new friends and see her school I like both.

Caitlin's POV

The bell went so we walked to my house this felt like old times like everything was normal but different so we got my house walked in said hi to my parents  and left them knowing of where we were going.

We got next door and without even knoking Niall opented the door and said in his awesome Irish accent

"Hello love"

I swear Jess's heart melted in that minute so I walked inside Jess followed me then I introduced her to the guys the liked each other pretty much but her and Zayn  got on the most. I sat on the couch with Louis holding hands then Jess yelled out.


All the boys stopped and stared but we still didn't lose our grip on each others hand then she yelled again but quieter.

"You and Louis you are hands"

"Yes we are we are dating so surprise"

Sure sh practically fainted in her seat when I said that but it was funny.

We all Laughed for ages until Zayn and Niall wanted to play truth or dare so we gathered and sat in a circle.I sat next to Louis and Jess sat next to Zayn. The bottle landed on Zayn and he said dare it was also  Louis's turn to pick the dare so he dared Zayn to Kiss Jess she didn't look sad about it at all she sounded happy.


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