Unknown Love

My name is Allison but everyone calls me Ally. I just moved to London with my best friend Jennifer. We are both 19. I meet Harry Styles from the band One Direction. I try not to fall in love but it is so hard. I try to keep my distance but I find him in my bed???? Read to find out what happens. I am not really good with summarys but the story is good. I promise. I hope you guys like it!!! :) XXXX


4. Sex (Not very good discribed scenes)

Ally’s POV

“Ok, stop hogging my girlfriend. She has only been here for 20 minutes and I haven’t been able to be with her.” Harry said

“Sorry mate, we just find her interesting.” Louis said while winking at me.

I laughed a little and got up and sat in Harry’s lap.

“Much better.” He said when I did. I laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Let me show you around the place.” He said.

“Ok.” I said while getting up. He got up after and grabbed my hand. He took me upstairs and took me to someone’s room. We walked in and I am guessing it was his room. It was messy and there were pictures of him and another girl. The girl had brown hair with blond highlights and really dark brown eyes that looked almost black.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“That’s my ex Chloe.” I looked at her and she was much prettier than me. Harry got behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck which made me laugh.

“I told you I was ticklish.”

“I know. I am trying to find your weak spot.”

“Don’t try babe, I know some karate.”

He laughed and continued to kiss my neck. I got used to the feeling and I wasn’t ticklish there that much anymore. He unwrapped his arms and grabbed my hand. He led me to his bed and sat down. I sat down beside him and he got on top of me. He kissed me and I kissed back. He poked his tongue in my mouth and ventured around. He got my shirt and took it off. He still was kissing me and started unbuttoning my pants. He took them off and threw my clothes on the floor. I took off his shirt and found his perfectly toned body. I put my hands on them and moved down. I took off his pants and threw all of his clothes on the floor too. He was only in his boxers and I was in a bra and my panties. He took off my bra and threw it on the floor. He kissed my neck and moved down to my stomach. He took of my underwear and moved farther. He stuck his tongue in and I moaned.

He moved back up and got to my face. I rolled over and dot on him. I moved down and took his boxers off. I got his dick and sucked it. He moaned and curled his toes.

I moved back to his face and we started kissing again. He got back on top and got in position. He got into me and I moaned. This wasn’t my first so I knew what it would feel like. I shut my eyes tight and curled my toes. I grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it.


We finished and he rolled off. We just laid there trying to catch our breathes. I got up and he stayed there. I picked up my clothes and put them back on. Harry finally got up and put on his clothes. I went to his bathroom and searched for his brush. I found it and started brushing my hair. Harry walked in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around my waist like always. I put my hair back into a pony tail and I washed my hands. Harry washed his too and grabbed me after he was finished. He stared into my eyes.

“I love you.” I said

“I love you more.”

“Impossible, I do.”

“Hmmm sure.”

He grabbed my hand and led me back downstairs. Niall, Louis, and Eleanor were the only ones here.

“Finally you finished.” Louis said. I laughed and sat in between Niall and Harry. Niall looked a little upset and was eating Pringles.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Niall.

He looked at me and faked a smile.

“Nothing.” He said.

I knew he was lying. It was obvious. I forgot about it and knew he didn’t want to talk about. Harry put his arm around me and laid my head on his chest.

“How was it?” Louis said to me giving me this weird face. I leaned over Niall and playfully hit his arm. Eleanor laughed a little.

Niall’s POV

Why does Harry get all of the girls I fall in love with?!?!? When she asked me what was wrong I didn’t want to tell her that I was jealous of Harry so I lied. She didn’t believe me but she just gave up. Louis said that comment and I wanted to punch him for saying that. I didn’t want him to remind me of what they did. She leaned over me and she made me hard. WHY??? Ugh, I am so easy. Ally leaned her back on Harry’s chest and he kissed her head. God, I am so jealous. I got up and went to my room.

Ally’s POV

What was Niall’s problem! Every time I did something he would get mad. I don’t know why. I am not doing anything to him so he needs to get over what he is mad about. I just sighed and kissed Harry’s neck. I saw Niall staring at me like a creeper in the hallway. He is weird.


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