Unknown Love

My name is Allison but everyone calls me Ally. I just moved to London with my best friend Jennifer. We are both 19. I meet Harry Styles from the band One Direction. I try not to fall in love but it is so hard. I try to keep my distance but I find him in my bed???? Read to find out what happens. I am not really good with summarys but the story is good. I promise. I hope you guys like it!!! :) XXXX


7. Harry's baby?

Ally’s POV

I woke up to the sound of Harry’s breathing in my ear. I opened my eyes and the light shined on my eyes. I squinted my eyes and rolled over to face Harry. I faced him and kissed his lips gently. His eyes opened slowly and smiled when he saw me.

“Morning beautiful.” He said.

“Morning sexy.” I said while smiling. He laughed a little and kissed the top of my nose. He got up slowly and moaned the whole time. I got up after him and he was in front of the mirror fixing his hair with his hands. I walked over to where he was and fixed my hair with him. The doorbell rang and I moaned.

“I will get it.” He said.

“Thanks.” I said while kissing his cheek.

Harry’s POV

I walked to the front door and opened it. I found Niall. He looked pretty angry.

“Why do you always get the girl?!” He said. I gave him a confused look and thought to myself. I knew what he meant. My expression became angry.

“You need to fuck off Niall! You would have never met her if it wasn’t me! You need to leave now!” I said. I heard the shower turn on and knew that Ally is in the shower. I pointed the way out of the doorway and continued to pull my angry face. He looked a little hurt from what I said but I didn’t care. How dare he just come here and tell me that. I rolled my eyes and shut the door on him. I sighed and turned around. I started walking towards my bathroom.

I found Ally taking a shower, like I thought. I took off the robe I had on and jumped in with her. We took a shower and Ally kept smiling and staring at my penis. I laughed once in a while, when I saw her staring.

We got out and got dressed. She wore jeans and a neon pink shirt. I got into my jeans too and my green t-shirt. I was thinking if I should wear a blazer or not but I decided not to and go casual. I saw Ally in the bathroom looking through my stuff, looking for something. I sat on my bed and decided to look at twitter. I scrolled down and saw some tweets from Louis. He seemed pretty upset from a person saying something to his mom. I also read something about Larry Stylinson. I rolled my eyes and kept scrolling. I saw a lot of fan comments of everything. I decided to stop and I pressed the home button. I locked my phone and sighed. Ally came out with her hair brushed and dried.

“You look very beautiful with no makeup. I don’t even know why you wear it. You look sexy with none.” I said. She laughed and left the room. I got up and followed her. She walked to my kitchen and looked in my fridge and pantry. She got out milk and capn’ crunch cereal. She also got a bowl and a spoon. She poured in the cereal and milk. I went over and got a bowl and did the same. She grabbed her bowl and spoon and went to the table. I did the same and sat in front of her. We ate our cereal and talked about things.

My phone started ringing on the counter. I got up and answered it without looking who was calling.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey babe.” Chloe said. I sighed and I was about to hang up but she caught my attention.

“You might want to hear this Harry before you hang up.”

“Ok, but you have 3 minutes.” I said still not sure why I stayed on the phone.

“I am pregnant with your baby.” She said. I thought to myself for a second.

“That’s not true.” I said while walking out the backdoor to the balcony. I sat in a chair and continued listening.

“Yes it is true. I went to the doctors today and we did a DNA test and the baby has your DNA.”

“This can’t be right. We never had sex but once and that was like a long time ago.”

“Think again Harry. We had sex about three weeks ago and I knew about me pregnant last week but I didn’t want to tell you until I was sure.”

I didn’t answer.

“Are you coming to my house so our baby can have a father?”

“It’s not our baby, it’s your baby. I don’t want any part of it. It might not even be true. You hooked up with that one guy when we broke up. Maybe it’s his.”

“I know it’s yours.”

“I have to go, I am with my girlfriend. Bye.” I said and hung up. I sighed. It could not be mine. I was wearing a condom that night. Maybe she was telling the truth. How could I tell Ally? She would be mad if I did but think again Styles, it might not be true. There is a possibility. I sighed again and got up. I went back inside and sat beside of Ally on the couch.

“What was that?” She asked.

“My mum, just checking on me.” I said trying to make my lie believable. I faked a smile and she nodded her head. She was watching some show called Say yes to the dress. It was about wedding dresses. I ignored the TV and continued thinking.

Ally’s POV

I knew Harry was lying. It was obvious. I wondered who called him. I wanted to check his phone but I knew that would be wrong. I sighed and Harry was staring at the TV like he was interested in the show. I didn’t even pay attention to the TV or him. Was he cheating on me?

Harry’s POV

I stared at the TV but I couldn’t really get into the show. It got awkward between us. Ally was staring at the wall and I was staring at the TV. I was about to say something but someone was knocking at my door. I got up and went to the door. I opened it and saw Zayn.

“Hey mate.” I said in a sad tone.

“Hey, what happened with you?” He said while patting my shoulder. I let him in and he sat down on the couch.

“Can I talk to you in my room?” I asked Zayn.

“Yeah.” He said while getting up.

“We will be right back babe.” I said to Ally. We went into my room and I flopped onto my bed. He sat beside me. I sighed and grabbed a pillow. I sat back up and laid the pillow on my lap.

“So what happened?” He asked.

I told him everything Chloe said to me on the phone.

“It might not even be true.” Zayn said when I finished.

“That’s what I thought but again she might be right. If she is then she would want me to see the baby but I don’t want any part of the baby.”

“I think we should go to the doctor with her and try that test again. Machines can mess up you know.” He said. I nodded my head.

“Yeah I think we should. I will give her a call later and we can try another appointment.”


“Thanks.” I said.

“No problem.” He said. We both got up and we went back to the living room.

I saw Ally on my phone.

“What are you doing?” I said.

She jumped and looked at me.

“Um I was playing a game on your phone. I got bored.”

“Ok?” I said. I was very confused why she used my phone if she has the exact model with her. I nodded my head and sat down beside her. She handed me my phone. I unlocked it and it was in my messages.

“You were looking at my messages!” I said. I was a little mad. This is my privacy.

“Do you not trust me?!” I said. She didn’t answer. Zayn got up and dragged me out of the room. He dragged me to my room and I was still a little mad.

“Doesn’t she trust me?” I said.

“I don’t know.”

“And she lied to me too!” I said. He nodded his head and walked out the door. I was following him but he pushed me back.

“Stay.” He said and then left the room.

Zayn’s POV

I was with Harry. Why would she do that? I left the room and went back into the living room. Ally wasn’t there. I ran around Harry’s house and couldn’t find her. I sighed and grabbed my phone out of my pocket. I grabbed Harry’s phone off of the floor and found her number. I dialed it in and called her.

“Hello, who is this?” She said.

“What the hell was that?” I said.

“I am sorry Harry, it is a misunderstanding.”

“I am not Harry.”

“Oh hey Zayn.”

“I am going to ask again. What the hell was that? Do you not trust him? First you lie to him then not trust him and then leave him. What’s wrong?”

“I know what I did was wrong but Harry was on the phone and went outside. He later came back in and I asked what that was about. He told me his mum and faked a smile. I am not like that kind of girl but I was wondering who he was talking to and why he was lying to me. I looked at his calls and saw Chloe. I didn’t really care I thought it was his friend and I didn’t even mean to click on his messages. When I was handing him back his phone I clicked it by accident.”

“Why did you leave and not stay and explain to Harry?”

“I panicked ok. I didn’t know what to do and did you know that I am right outside his door.”

I hung up on her and ran to the door. I opened it and there she was talking into her phone.

“Hello? Zayn are you there?”

“Yeah I am right here.”

“Oh.” She said while locking her phone.

“I know it seemed like I don’t trust him and I do, it’s just that I don’t like it when he lies.”

“I know what you mean. Let’s go back inside and you explain to Harry.” I said. She nodded her head and we went inside. She hugged me and ran into his room.

-30 minutes later-

They came out hand in hand.

“Do you guys now understand each other?”

“Yeah.” Harry said.

They sat on the couch and Harry continued thinking. Ally started thinking to. I think Harry was lying. I don’t think they do. I sighed and relaxed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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