Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


5. the kiss :)

Nialls P.O.V

" kiss Nini!!" harry yelled

"let me get to her first Harry." i reply

finally i get a chance to kiss Nini, i knew i found my princess when she fell on. she was completley different from the other girls i have met. Just in a few hours i found out a lot about her. she was so pretty under the light. so i get closer to her.she felt a little tense i think she was nervous. i hope they were good nerves. I lean close to her face as well as hers. when our lips finally touch. i grap her face and pull her in. she follow. she actually kissed me back. our lips where in sync now i pulled her in closer now her arms were around my neck. there was sparks fyling everywhere i knew she was the one.

" Get a room!!!" Harry and lettie yelled

i finally kissed her and she kissed me back i couldnt stop blushing

" so Nini, truth or dare?"

Nini's P.O.V.

OMG i just kiss Niall it was awesome. there was deffinatly sparks there. i couldnt stop smiling or blushing.

" so Nini, truth or dare?" niall asked

" umm... true" i said

" did you like the kiss?" Niall asked

" ya, it was pretty amazing" i said blushing

" ya it was" Niall said

he like our kiss but what did the kiss mean did he like did he want to be my boyfriend is it like the people who do friends with benifits. ahhh so confuse for now im goingg to be neatrual. how can i be neatrual Niall kiss me.

" awww" they all said in harmony

" ok enough of us, louis how bout you?" i asked

" Nini, how am i suppose to know. I never kissed Niall before!!" he yelled in laughter

" Louis!! I meant what do you choose Truth or Dare!!!" i yelled

" ohhh!!! hahahahha umm... Dare!!" he said practically yelling

" ummm.... switch clothes with Lettie and wear it until its my turn again." i said

" noo thats a puinshment for me Nini!!" yelled Lettie

we all luaghed. they went to the private restroom in the room and swap clothes.

" come out already!!" we yelled

Nini was the first one to come out she had Louis stripe shirt on and his red pants that were a little to big for her.

" aww babe, you still look pretty." Harry said

" not your babe, curls!" Lettie yelled

" come on Louis your turn." said Zayn

" Louis get out now!" liam said pretending to be mad

" no i look weird." Louis said

" come on boo bear, for me." harry said

" fine" louis said

he came outside he was wearing Letties Bambi shirt which fitted him tight and her soccer shorts which was ok becuase her shorts where one size to big. we all burst into luaghter.

" shut up you guys its not funny!!"  he yelled

"yes it is!" we all luaghed

eventually he join in with us in luaghing

"ok maybe it is funny" he finally said

click. i took a picture of lettie and louis together with there swap clothes.

" put on twitter!" said harry


" wait whats your guys twitters name." they all asked

" @lettiemartinez and @ThePinkSmurf " we said

" pinksmurf??" Niall asked

" 16 birthday pink cupcake all over my face, my teacher called me the pink smurf" i explain

all of the sudden buzzed of it was the boys they are now following me on twitter. so i post up the picture of  louis and lettie and tag them in it. A few seconds later my phone buzzes off . they all favorited it and retweeted it. then so many of their fans started liking it too. it was pretty crazy. so we decide to go back to the game


" Zayn truth or Dare?'" he ask

" dare!!" he yelled

" cut an inch off you hair" Louis said

" what cut an inch off my hair?" he said

" yes, you chose dare." louis reply

" ugh fine" he said in defeat

when he was cutting his hair you can feel the sadness in him he really loved his hair.

" harry you turn. truth or dare." zayn ask

" dare!!" he yelled

" take off all you close but your boxers and hug Lettie!!" he said

" woohoo im gonna take off all my clothes and hug Lettie!!"  he said singing in harmony

" noo, harry stay away from me!!" Lettie said

" come on, babe let me hugg you!!" he said

Lettie started to run around the room and harry chase right after her. it was funny. we all couldnt stop luaghing.

" harry please dont" she yelled

" got ya! hahaha" he luaghed

" you so mean curls, mean i say hahahaha jk jk" she said in luaghter

as harry put back on his clothes he asked liam

" truth or dare" Harry asked

" truth" he said

" wimp, jk umm... whats the most embrassing thing that has happen to you." he asked

" easy when i accidently ran into the girls restroom when i was in highschool." he said he was blushing

" aww poor liam"i sigh

" its ok only one person was in the bathroom and it was my couisn but still embrassing." we kinda of luaghed

" should we gett going" asked Niall

" to where?" lettie and iask

" to our place of course our day isnt over yet." Louis added

" sure lets go then" i said

" Bye Chemo!" we yelled and left the restuarant and got back into the limo.

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