Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


1. The Fortunite Kick

Athena P.O.V

I was getting my stuff ready to go to the park with Alethia or Lettie how i like to call her. I was born to be a soccer player, i loved the sport since i was little, Lettie blames it on my brothers, since I mostly grew up with them. I don't blame her since she only has one brother and one sister and she grew up with her sister. everyone thinks Alethia is my older sister, I always laugh when they tell us that. One because I'm older and second we look nothing alike. All of the sudden my phone plays Tell me I'm a screwed up mess that i never listen listen. I started to sing along to the song by one direction. oh how i love them it was a surprise to me and Alethia because I have never liked a boy band and this my first time liking one. so i decided to answer my phone.
" Nini are you ready" Lettie asked

"Lettie let me get my keys, be patient with me" i replied knowing she she will respond irritated

"Fine, meet you in Freeman." she replied

" ya, bye see ya in a bit." I quickly responded

" Bye" is the last thing she siad

Lettie and I didn't live that far from each other maybe like three or four blocks away. I grabbed my keys and my phone and walked out of my house. My parents didn't mind where i went as long as i was back before my curfew. They say they do this to see if I am responsible enough to come back in time. Since I am almost 18 in two months. I put my earphones on to listen to music while i walk halfway till i meet Alethia. I had to use Pandora since i have no music in my library becuase i can't download any music since i have no laptop no more. the first song on shuffle was Stand Up by One direction oh how i love that song. I was singing along to the song until i feel someone kick me. I turn around to see who it was. It was Lettie i was so distracted by the song that I pass by her. I found it funny but she didnt but I continued to laugh though.

" I'm sorry Lettie" i say ( we continue to walking to the park)
" Sorry my ass you completely ignore me... wait was a one direction song?" she ask knowing the answer to the question she just asked.

" ya it was, dont judge their music is good" I reply

" I'm not saying their music is bad cause i like their music just not big as a fan as you are." she responded

" I know Lettie hahahaha" i laughed

" whats funny?" she quickly replied

" Nothing" still laughing

" weirdo" she laughed

" Not a weirdo just unique" i smiled responding

" Yup there's only one Athena." she sang

we both continue laughing on the way to the park. the park wasn't that far away from where live, it was like 10 to 15 minutes away. When finally got to the park I put on my cleats and my soccer gloves on. I am a goalkeeper for the team I played for. Alethia use to be in the team but she preferred to be a cheerleader instead. yet, she still wanted me to teach her how to play soccer. So, she started to kick the ball at me as many time as it took till she made a goal. it was until her 30th try that she finally made a goal.

" My turn to be be a suckish goalie" she says laughing

" just look how my body is position to see the direction the i will kick the ball and look at the ball" i gave her tips she never played goalie when she was in the team. she was afraid of getting hurt in the face. i wouldn't blame her it was a lot of pressure being goalie. I was about to kick when three boys wearing hoodies passed when i was about to kick.

Lettie was laughing cause she saw my look on my face when they boys passed in the middle of my shot. i stuck out my tongue at her like a little girl. But, I still was wondering why those boys were wearing hoodies to the park especially if it was hot outside. I was about to kick again when I notice Lettie wasnt there no more. I thought she might had gone to the bathroom, but still I was going to take the shot again when all of the sudden.

" AHHHHH!!!" Lettie screams in my ear

I had kicked the ball when she scream at me, but i kicked so wrong. the soccer ball went high and far, as it went down i notice the three boys with the hoodies where the ball was going to fall. BAM!! it hits the guy in the middle in the head. I hear the one in the right laughing and also Lettie laughing. I was still in shock that I just hurt someone. So iI run to apologize to him, when i trip over the person the left and fall on to the guy the soccer ball hit.
" I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" i kept repeating

" It's ok, love" he replied with a cute accent.

" No its not I hit you with a soccerball and i fell on you." i replied

" It's ok it was all accident." he responded

" Are you sure?" i asked

" Yes, love" he said

we both got up and i still hear Lettie and the other guy luaghing. But that all of the noise went away when the guy i had taken of his sunglasses he had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. I felt my face hot the meant that i was blushing he was cute.

" Finally, I'm not the one that trips over someone and hurts them." Lettie still luaghing with the other guy.

" so, your the klutz in this friendship" he says

" ya most of the time." still laughing

all the guys take of the their hoodies, me still looking at the guy that i fell on. I couldn't take my eyes off him something about him made loose feeling in my body. Then I hear Lettie with a shocked tone

" Nini, is it me or did we just run into 3/5 of One Direction"

" Wait what, your one direction?" still in shock

they just smiled at us. Did me and Lettie just meet almost all of One Direction. this couldn't be am i dreaming. I pinched my self, I wasn't dream we actually just met One Direction. it was Harry Niall, and Liam at the park. Then it hits me I hurt Niall. WAIT!! I fell on Niall freaken Horan.

" Love, are you OK?" Niall asked

" Yeah, I am, i guess i never thought i would have ever met you guys in person." i replied in embrassment.

" yeah, at first i wasn't even sure you guys were One Direction." Lettie said

" really, you guys didn't recognized these three handsome faces?" Harry joked around

" Too, be honest you guys are cuter in person." I reply. till I notice what I had just said

" Really, you think we are cuter in person?" Niall asked

" yeah" I responded

" well i think you cute" he replied

I couldn't hold it no more, i was blushing. Niall Horan just called me cute!!!!

" you're cute too." Harry told Lettie

" Nice try curls." she said sarcastically

" what do you mean?" Harry asked

" Don't take other peoples lines." she responded

Niall, Liam, and me were laughing at what Lettie just had said. I can tell that Lettie has a crush on Harry already.

" You know what i just notice?" Liam asks

" What?" we all replied

" that you girls know who we are and like our music but are not fan girling." he replies.

" Ya, I guess we are not." Lettie and me reply.

look at us talking to One Direction like if we knew them for a long time. they probably don't even want us talking to them.

" uhh i guess we should get out of your hair?" I tell they guys

Lettie looking at me confuse like i was crazy wanting to leave when One direction was infront of us. we waved good bye to them and start walking when all sudden 

" Wait!! you guys want to hang out with us? " Niall yelled.

did he really asked to hang with them. i couldnt believe all my dreams where coming true. I look at Lettie and then we turn to them. 

" yeah sure" we both said

" Cool, lets go somewhere to eat?" Liam asked.

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