Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


9. Shopping!!!

Lettie's P.O.V.

ahhh Niall ask Nini out!!! I'm so happy for her she finally got a good guy, i hope he is. they are so cute!! i can't believe that they are going out. she deserves a good guy, after what my ugh.. stupid cousin also known as her ex boyfriend. i was hugging her so tight for once in my life, i usually don't hug people its creepy. i didn't even notice that Harry was holding my hands whle he stands behind me. in a way he was hugging me but not really. Ilove being in his arms it made me feel safe. i felt safe when ever i was around him. 

" congrats Nini!!" i yell

" thanks." she responds 

" should we get going then?" Louis asked

" yup we should" Nini said in a semi ghetto way 

" to what store?" Zayn asked

" forever 2!!" Nini and I shout

" really?" Liam asks 

" there's a section for men too, you know." i say 

" we're going!!" Harry said 

"lets go then." Niall said 

we where walking to Forever 21 Niall and Nini were holding hands it was cute seeing them together. i wish i could hold hands like that with Harry i really liked him. 

Harry's P.O.V. 

Niall and Nini finally they are together. Lettie predicted it hahahaha. i really like her she's perfect. i wish i was more brave to tell her how i feel. i cant believe Niall was braver than me, that was the first. i will just warm up to her and hope that she likes me more than a friend. i grab her hand and she doesnt take her hand away we interlock fingers. i was smiling in the inside and the outside i was just happy. i got to be with the girl i really like. 

" this is nice" she mumbles 

" you have no idea" i reply 

" awww Hazza you leavin me for her." louis say 

" you got Eleanor" i reply 

" i know" he says 

" Lettie is my new cuddling buddy" i say 

she luaghs

" whats funny" i ask her 

" you know i havent accepted this offer." she says 

" see Harry" louis says 

" shut up louis, its not an offer." i say 

" sure" she says in a sarcastic tone 

Niall and Nini are luaghing the couple would be luaghing. thats when i notice that Liam and Zayn werent with us. 

"where's Liam and Zayn?" i ask 

" umm i dont know.... umm haha.. maybe..." Nini couldnt stop luaghing and i was wondering why. thats when i turn around. there was Liam and Zayn they bought kitty ears i don't know why when it hit me. ok not really it didnt hit me. i was confuse. 

" meow meow" they purred 

" harry want a kitty" Zayn said 

" yes, yes i do and she's right here" i say pulling her in 

i saw that she was blushing i needed to ask her today like niall did to nini. i know that i just met her but still i love her. 

"yay im a kitty, but why do i have to be you kitty jk jk im honored to be you kitty" she says 

" aww" nini says 

we finally got to Forever 21. 


Nini's P.O.V 

clothes!!!! im in heaven for two reasons im going out with Niall and theres a sale in Forever 21 heck ya all the clothes i want cheaper now. i can buy more than what i want. 

" yup here lays my future clothes that are going to be in my closet!!" i say in exciment 

Niall puts his arms around me and whispers 

" cute babe, you know i could buy you all this clothes even if they werent in sale" he tells me 

" Nooo nooo, im buying my own clothes you dont have to spend money on me" i say 

" cute babe, you think you have a choice." he said 

" Niall my clothes, my money" i protested 

" umm No" he said 

" you will never win this battle?" Lettie said 

" what you mean?" Harry asked 

" she wouldnt even let me buy her food on her own birthday, her own birthday can you believe that." lettie said 

" oh trust me i will buy her all the clothes." Niall said

me and lettie ran through the whole store to look for all the clothes we wanted. i chose out like five shirts  five pair of skiiny jeans, three skirts and four dresses. 

Lettie got like the same amount as clothes as i did. it was funny hahahahaha

so we went to go try on the clothes 

i chose this white blouse that shoulders show but had thick straps with a pink skirt. this black tight shirt with a striped black and purple skirt. then came my favorite i tried on a popeye shirt with red skinny jeans. i walk out side to show lettie and the guys. lettie was this lavender floral shirt with tight black skinny jeans with a black cardigan. 

" hey stripes and red skinny jeans are my thing!" Louis said 

" ya, but she looks better in stripes than you do." Niall said aww he's already standing up for me i thought it was cute. 

" babe, you look pretty amazing, too you know" Harry told Lettie 

aawwww he really  likes her, i think he's gonna ake her out today i have that feeling. 

" thanks, harry" she said blushing 

we both go back inside i hear whispering outside but i couldnt hear what they were saying

i try on three dresses and i like them but the fourth one i completely loved. it was black from the top and the bottom was white with black roses. i came out side and they all looked at me. 

"its beautiful babe." Niall said 

" thanks " i said 

me and Lettie go back inside and change to our normal clothes when i came outside i see Niall with bags filled with the clothes i chased and he gave me a cheesy smile 

" what did you do?" i asked 

" umm i bought you all of your clothes already?" he said 

" you did what?" i said 

" you heard me " he said 

" but how" i asked 

" when you were trying on your last dress" he said 

" ill pay back " isay 

" no you dont have to do that." he said 

we all leave out of the store i was holding Niall hand and another the clothes 

Harry was holding Lettie hand to it was so cute. 

" lets go home now, you girls wanna come?" Liam ask 

" if its ok with you guys then ya." we both said 

" you guys are funny and down to earth of course we want you guys to come over" Zayn said 

"leys go home then, hahahahah" Liam said  

we left the mall and we got to their hotel room 

it was huge!! 

" you guys want to watch a movie?" Harry said

"yeah sure" Lettie said 

" which one?" he said 

" oooh, titanic" i said 

" ok" he said 

 it was like our favorite movie of all time so we had to see. 

through half way of the movie i fell asleep on niall and i think lettie did too but on harry. 

Niall P.O.V.

Nini fell asleep on me. she was adorable when she fell asleep. but i realized it was like 10:30 so i grabbed her phone that was out.  i hope it has no pass lock. yes it didnt i went to text message and found Dad. i texted him.

" Hi, I'm Nini's friend she fell asleep at my house dont worry she's ok she will call you in the morning.


ok thank you for telling me.

he texted back then i felt my eyes closing too.   

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