Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


13. Queen Bee Out to Get Us

Nini's P.O.V.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I get up from my bed and see Lettie on the floor hahaha she slept over my house again. Aww she's sound asleep, not for long, I grab my pillow and throw it at her.

" hey!!" she complain 

" get up !" I yelled 

" uhhh, what time is it?" she asked 

" 6:30 A.M. " i reply 

" why so early?" she asked 

" Dad already left to work we have to walk it to school." i answer 

" ugh, fine" she said 

she finally got up and we made our beds and chose out something to wear, when i remember it was monday. Our school requires us to wear uniform  from monday through thursday. so i went to my closet and got my navy blue shorts and my grey polo shirt and my navy cardigan with my navy Toms. Our school has very creative colors, NOT!! Lettie decided to wear to wear her navy blue pants and light blue   shirt and her navy blue cardigan with her black converse. I had my hair down and she had her hair up. 

" breakfast time" i say 

" hahahaha your so weird " she said 

" but thats why we are best friends" i say 

" cuase I'm weird and your crazy " she said 

" hahaha no because we are both weird and crazy " i said 

" whatever jk jk hahahaha" she said 

" want cereal?" i ask 

" yes please " she replied 

i poured her a bowl of cereal and for myself too. After that i went to go brush my teeth.. 

" Nini!!! have you check your Twitter ?" she asked 

" No, why?" i ask

" check it now " she said 

i went back to my room and got my phone and saw a mention it was from Liam. it was a picture of me and Niall asleep on the way back from the beach it said " look at the cute couple sleeping " I save the picture and notice the connect button glowing. i press the button and all i see a lot of people ( one direction fans ) started following me.

"Lettie i have so many followers" i say 

" the same here " she responded 

" lets go other wise we are going to be late to school." i say 

we walked outside the house when i felt my phone buzzed 

Niall <3

Mourning Babe, have fun in school today Harry and I will pick you and Lettie up after school and take you both out to eat!! :P love you!!

to: Niall <3

mourning to you too, and thanks :P just don't eat all of my food when we go out to eat. 

Niall <3

Not fair i want my food hahaha!!! :P 

to: Niall <3

Grr!! Fine hahahaha love you 

Niall <3 

Love you too, see you after school.

to: Niall <3

Bye!! :)

Niall <3

bye <3 :) 

I finally look up and i see that i've been texting Niall half way to school.

" finally you get off your phone!!" lettie says

" hahahaha sorry and by the way Harry and Niall are picking us up after school to take us out to eat. " i say 

" Yay dinner with the boys " she said

" in just two days we came so close to them " i said

" ya but they are really good friends " she said

" ya they are" i said

finally we got to school yay, we walk inside the school all normal like we always do. we don't notice anything when we go sit in the outside auditorium. peoplefrom school were staring but i didnt know why.  i just saw our friend Angel 

" Nini!!! Lettie !!! " Angel screamed    

what " we both say 

" how come you guys didnt tell us that you where going out with Harry and Niall " she said

" i dont know we just didn't " i reply 

" Ya we don't want to rub it in people face " Lettie said

" ohh" Angel said

the bell had rang. thank goodness i couldn't take people staring at me. I had AP Phycology  first period Lettie had AP Government first. I pretty scare to go alone first period after all the constant staring that we got just now. I walk in the class room and sit down at my desk and take out my notebook when I see  Rosalina walking toward me. I don't like her she's the queen bee from our school.

" Well, well look who we have here" she said

" what do want?" I ask

" so, now you're going out with Niall Horan huh?" she said 

" and this matters why?" i say

" You're such a slut " she said

i lost it when she called me that

" why don't you shut up, because first I'm not a slut second you shouldn't be talking since you're the slut here. " i told her 

" aww thats cute pretending to be tough, we all Know that Niall is dating you for charity " she said

" shut your damn mouth " i said trying not to loose my patients

" well its true, why else will he go out with you? you're not pretty, you don't sing like me, and you're not popular as me. We all know thats why Taylor left. He got tired of you and went with me. Unlike you he doesn't keep me a secret. " she said

" yo..you..." i stuttered

" whats thats honey, I'm right" she said

tears where running down my face. I couldn't hold them in the things she said hurt me and I start to wonder about Niall. but he nice he wouldn't do that to me or would he? 

" Just wait Athena, when Niall there's a better prettier girl like me. He will leave and come to me. " she said 

" just stop it!! you already have Taylor let be happy with Niall he's everything i have left!!" i say yelling 

" I don't think I'm not, I always can get rid of Taylor, but I warning you I will get my Niall" she said 

i coulnt bare it no more. tears running down face I ran out of the classroom dropping everything mrs. hernandez had in her hands as i left the classroom. I ran to the bathroom and just cried there all alone. I dont now what to do now more so I call Louis I trust him a lot and I didn't want Niall know what happen.

" Louis " i say crying 

" what's wrong darling " he says concern 

" please don't tell Niall please!! " i say 

" I won't please tell me whats going on "  he said

" i will but please do me a favor?" i say 

" what is it ? " he reply

" pick me up from school and I'll tell you what happen please please " i begged 

" O.K. I will but I'm gonna have company when I pick you up" he said

" please I don't want any of the boys to see me like this " i say

" don't worry it won't be any of the boys" he says

" Eleanor ?" i asked

" yeah, how did you know " he asked

" I guess haha " I chuckled

" aww thats the laugh i wanna here from Nini" he said

" thanks louis " i say

" I'll be there in 10 okay " he said

" okay " is the last thing i say 

I hang up the fun and try to wipe the tears away from my face. I don't want Eleanor and Louis to see me like a baby but I was. what rosalina said was true. What if Niall did leave me but I just got him. he makes me smile like i never have before. he's my other half. he completes me 

Boo bear <3

I'm here come outside already.

to: Boo bear <3

okay . 

I left the bathroom I wasn't going to go through the front office, theres this gate where I easily jump over it. And not get cuaght by the cameras. I ran over there and quickly jumped the gate and ran to Louis car that i spot from a mile away. 

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