Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


18. Nini's history

Nialls P.O.V 

" Lettie why are you so protective of Nini?" I asked her 

" Because she had a hard life and part of it is my fault but not of the way you might think" she said 

" What do you mean Babe?" Harry ask 

" well her parents aren't the best with her, you see they always put up an act when her friends are around so it doesn't seem she has it bad here. When in reality her dad is an abusive alcoholic, her mother really doesn't care for her, her brothers and sisters don't accept her as part of the family and make it all worse her parent hate who she is they want her to be me. She gets mad cause through their eyes I'm the perfect daughter, so thanks to me she bullied by her own family. It so cruel what they say to her. " she said 

" what happen?" I asked 

I knew something bad had happen by the look on her face 

Lettie's P.O.V. 

" A lot of things happen but there was one day that her parents scared the hell out of me and I knew what she was going through" I said 

~flash back ~ (A/N they can here her flash back) 

"NINI!! stop it you weirdo!!" I yelled 

" I'm not a weirdo, I'm amazing" She replied 

" Aye Nini what am I going to do with you?" I said 

" well you can feed me and feed me, and feed me" She said 

" you're such a fat ass you know" I said 

" I know, I got to love me some food" she said 

" Nini you are wierd but thats why you are my best friend" I said 

" aww Lettie, you're my sarcastic beep of a friend, that I love" she said 

" really beep?? " I said 

" yes, beep I don't like the real word" she replied 

" you whore" I said 

" slut " she replied

" why do this to eachother and call eachother whore and slut " I ask 

" cause you started when I started to wear short shorts" she answered 

" wow, you loser" I said 

" punk" she replied 

" Nini I'm hungry feed me!!" I yelled

" you have feet get yourself " she said 

" its your casa" I replied 

" fine " she replied

she got up and went to the kitchen and looked for some food I stayed in her room looking at our notes for chemistry. I knew how much she hated chemistry, she hated it with a passion. Thats when I heard something break. 

" you stupid whore pick that up" A male voice said 

" I-I d-didn't even drop it " Nini said 

" well its not our problem" a female voice said 

"please don't" Nini said 

I heard someone get slap in the face, I heard Nini pleading for help, I came outside and I saw her brother and sister beating the hell out of her. They didn't see me but Nini did she just mouthed 'hide, hide' I froze for a moment but I listen to her how the hell could her brothers do that to her. 

" I would say don't tell mom, but if you did you wouldn't believe you, you know she loves us more than you" her sister said 

" ha I don't even think she even loves you" Her brother said 

then I heard the door slam, I ran to Nini and help her get to her room I was so scared 

" are you ok Nini" I ask knowing that was a stupid question 

" I'm ok it  hurts less each time they keep hitting me" she replied 

" why havent told your parents" i asked

" I have my mom doesn't believe me and she threaten to hurt me if I told my dad. I know my dad is an alcoholic and says very hurtful things She knows if I tell him when he is sober he will kill them all" She said 

"oh, but you cant keep living like this " I say 

" I know but I can't leave my dad, even he says those hurtful things I know its the beer talking not him" She replied 

" aye nini your a brave one" I say 

" I'm sorry for eveything that happen" She said 

" don't be sorry c'mon grab some clothes you sleeping over my house today, I'm going to help you ok we are going to alternate days sleeping over houses ok " I said 

" ok" she replied 

~end of flash back ~


" Niall clam down !!" Harry yelled 

" so her dad is he good to her" Niall ask

" well he does have his slip ups but he loves his only daughter" I said 

" but you said she had a sister " niall said 

" she has two half sisters and four half brothers" I replied 

" and they all do this to her" harry ask 

" no, the youngest brother and the second oldest sister do, see she is tolerated by the others except the second youngest brother" I say 

" what do you mean " niall said 

" her and the second youngest brother julio they get along very well he treats her like an actual sister unlike the others. He always protected her when he could, no matter who it was from even their mom" I say 

" What happen to him?" Harry asked 

" He disappeared one day, so we all think he died or something, we don't really know what happen to him " I say 

" Nini is been through alot, thats why she was afraid of me hurting her" Niall said 

" yeah, and it was also Taylor's fault" I said 

" what exactly happen between them" Harry ask 

" He seem to like her at first, thats for sure, I remember that they day they first met he couldn't keep his eyes of her, Nini she one of kind no matter how much hurt she has gotten, she always was happy. When he started to talk to her they where so inseparable, they acted like they knew each other since they where little. He would always cuddle with her when  he had the chance it was cute. Then he finally asked her out she was so happy, she had gleams in her eyes that I never seen before I knew she was in love and I trusted my cousin. That all started to change in a few months but she wouldn't tell me what was wrong and that gleam she had in her eyes they where gone. thats when she told me what was going on with Taylor and I threaten to kill him but thats when I realize that he was way stronger than me. So, I try to help Nini with everything when he was around her. When he finally moved she was happy but was still hurt and wasn't able to trust any guy again. Well that was into she met you Niall" I said 

" me ?" he question 

" when she first saw your eyes, I saw that gleam she once in her eyes back but stronger than ever she let you in the moment she saw your eye's not you face or who you are just your eyes that made her fall completely fall for you" I said 

" I love her so much I'm not going to lwt anyone hurt her, not no more" he said 

" Ok then, well lets go get your girl " Harry said  


(A/N) Ok for anyone that actually read this I'm sorry I haavent updated this story at all I have been busy with so  much things this year and last year. Junior year for me has been very complicated so I didn't update anything and if read my other story ' Destine To Be' I know its been more updated than this because I mostly on wattpad and I update more there that story cause I can use my phone to updated when I have small time aand then just copy and paste it here. Anyway I'm going to start again writing again and it might take a long time or short time since it is summer but I'm going to Peru for my vacation and well the internet is limited there so yeah but i'm going to update soon I promise just don't hate me ok pues bye!!!! 

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