Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


17. Niall learns a lesson... Lettie Style

Lettie P.O.V.

Niall was so quiet he seem so disappointed, I wonder whats going through his head. I haven't seen someone so sad like he was. 

" Niall, whats wrong ? " I ask

" Nothing " he replied

i slap his the back of his head and he turn around

" what was that for? " he complain

" I'm not stupid, whats going through your head? " I asked again 

" Nini and Louis " he replied

I slap his head again

" Niall, she wouldn't cheat on you trust me, she's not that type of person. " i said

" I know, but..." he said before I interrupted 

" Niall she is not like that, trust me" i said

" why do you keep saying trust me?" he asked

" Cause of Taylor." i said 

" what do you mean Taylor babe?" harry asked 

" umm...well you see how Nini went out with Taylor, they went out out for a long time and i saw she was happy so I didn't butt inn. But I never knew she was his secret girlfriend." i said 

" what do you mean 

" he never took her out to places near where we lived, when he wanted her to wait for him afterschool she had to wait till he passes the school and then she can walk. she wasnt allowed to tell her parents. she wasnt allowed to tell anyone. " i said 

" but why would he do that shes beautiful " niall said

" But thats not the worst part, he was cheating on her with another girl from our school, Crystal!!" i continue to speak. 

" He did what!!!" they both yelled 

" ya, he cheated on her, she was so sad that she locked herself in the room for a month" i said 

" babe, what does that have to do with anything?" harry asked 

" it means she's not capable of cheating becuase of how debastated she was when taylor did that to her." i said 

" oh" niall replied 

i slap him in the head 

" what was that for ? " niall complain

" for think Nini would cheat on you" i said

" I'm sorry, i won't think like that again" he replied 

" you better " i assured him 

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