Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


4. Family resturant

Liam's P.O.V.

Niall really likes Nini, i'm happy for him and it looks like Nini also likes him. I just hope she really likes him for him and not Niall from one direction.

I see Louis and Zayn looking at the girls who where coming out of the limo.

" who are they?" Louis asked

" well the one holding Niall's hand is Athena but she goes by Nini and she fell on Niall by accident it was my fualt, and the other girl is Alethia or Lettie for short and she is Nini's best friend and has been flirting with Harry alot i think." i tell them

" hey nice to meet you.. Nini?" Zayn guessing and hoping he was right

" yup, that's me." Nini said

" this Lettie!!" Harry yells and giving a little push

" watch it curls, your on probation." Lettie joking around with Harry

" whoa whoa, what did my Harry did to you?" also joking around with her and Harry

" He will tell you later." she says

" i like you" Louis tells Lettie

"And you must be Nini" he says

" yeah, that's what they call me" she replies

" you have a bubbly personalty" he says

" thanks" she responds

" I'M HUNGRY !!" Niall yells

" we going Niall" i tell him

" I'm hungry too and I'm dying to try Peruvian food." Zayn said

" well lets go, follow me" Nini said

so we all followed her, it was until we got inside we notice the place was pack. how are we ever going to get service here.

" Chemo!!" Nini yelled

i was confuse at this point.

" Hola, Titi" he said

" can we get a table?" she asks

" si, Titi por que preguntas?" he asks I think

" its the polite thing to do i guess."  she answered

" hi chemo, nice that you remember me." Lettie said

ok now i was confuse did they know him or what?

" como voy a olvidarte?" he said

" hahahaha true" she laughed

" follow me please?" he said finally in English

when he lead us to a table in the back it was a private room. I was actually happy that it was private so we can eat in peace.

" What was all that about?" we all asked

" well my family comes here a lot and we know the whole stuff and Chemo well he's my cousin. my family likes renting out this room for us to eat hear where we all fit in one table. ya, I have a big family." Nini explain

" why did he call you Titi?" Niall ask

I can see he kind of got jealous. he must really like her a lot.

" well, my dad side of the family says my name is Spanish and Titi is my spanish nickname I guess but they only call me that, no one else does." she explain

"so you guys dont own this place then?" Harry asked

" nope" she quickly replied

" whats the story behind your cousin and Lettie?" louis ask

" hahahaha well, see 3 years ago for Nini's XV he was my partner and well during one of the dance moves I ended up slapping him in the face by accident. Nini and her Chambelan were luaghing at us." Lettie esplain.

" hahahaha it was funny and I have it in viedeo." Nini luaghed

Nini's P.O.V.

we where laughing and enjoy the food I order for them which was Lomo Saltado y Tallarin Saltado de Pollo. They all seem to like it. I love the private room my dad rented out for the family and my friends becuase we coiuld be loud as we want without getting stared at.

" Lets play a game!!" Zayn yelled

" Truth or Dare!!" louis and Harry yelled

" sure , why not." lettie and i said

so we left the food on the table and we sta on the floor, the room was huge it was like a living room the place we rented out. I sat in between Niall and Liam, and Lettie sat between Harry and Louis, and Zayn sat between Niall and Louis.

" Lettie you first, truth or dare?" Harry ask

" truth" she said

" aww no fun" Louis replied

" ya, I dont want to imagine the dare Harry will pick if i chose dare" she said

" soo, Lettie who's you favorite out all of us guys here?" Harry ask

" Umm you Curls, its fun fighting with you." she said smiling

" Niall, truth or dare?" Lettie ask him

" Unlike you I choose dare." he says

" ugh mean jk jk ummm..." she's in deep thought

" Kiss Nini in the lips!!" yelled Harry

" Ya kiss Nini!!" Lettie yelled

she knew that I like him why was she doing to this, what if he doesnt want to kiss me. my life will be over. ahhhh!!

" sure I will." Niall said

i just smiled.

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