Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


12. A Walk On The beach

Louis P.O.V. 

Seeing Niall and Harry with their new girlfriends made me miss Eleanor. So I decided to call her.

" Hey babe, How are you? " I ask her 

" I'm good thanks for asking " she replies 

" Babe, I miss you so much " I tell her 

" I miss you too " she replies to me 

" I want you here already " i complain to her 

" Babe chill, I'll be there soon, I'm about to board the Plane " she says trying to calm me down 

" I know, but I want you here already and you need to meet Niall and Harry's new girlfriends" i say 

" They got girlfriends yay thats good news can't wait to meet them." she says 

" I can't wait to see you tomorrow " i say 

" I love you " she says 

" I love you too " I tells her

" Bye " she says 

" Bye " is the last thing I say to her

It was a beautiful day today and I didn't want to waste inside the hotel room. I want to go out even if Eleanor is not here with me. 

" Lads !!! " I yell 

" what !!!" Liam yells back 

" Lets go to the beach " 

" Yay the beach !!! " Nini yells 

" Awesome, a walk on the beach " Lettie says 

" so does that mean we're going? " I ask them 

" Yes " they all yell 

Nini's P.O.V. 

We're going to the beach, yay finally my life has a bright side now. I been having a wonderful weekend so far. I have a boyfriend that makes me smile like I never had before. And my best friend has a boyfriend too, life is being great today. 

" Babe !!! " I yelled 

" yes " he replied 

" Can we stop at my house first to get our bathing suits " i asked 

" of course " he said 

" Yay!!! Lettie we're going to mi casa to get our stuff!! " I yelled 

" Kk thanks and no need to scream I'm right here you know " she said 

" Fine" I said in defeat 

we where all ready we just needed to get our stuff from my house. We drove to my house it wasn't that far away from the hotel I was surprise hahahaha. We got to my house and Niall and Lettie get off the car with me. Niall is going to meet my dad I'm scared 

" Pa " I yelled 

" What!?!?!" He yelled 

" I'm going to the beach with my friends and... " I say 

" Tu novio " he said 

" Ya how did you know " I asked 

" I'm a friend clearly means a boyfriend " he explain 

" Hi, I'm Niall nice to meet you " Niall said 

" Hi, Niall take good care of my daughter or I will find you " he said 

" I will, I promise " he said 

" This time come back before curfew you got school tomorrow " he said 

" ok, dad " I said 

I went to my room Niall and Lettie followed me. As we walked in to my room Niall was surprise how it was decorated. 

" I expected posters of One Direction all over your room." he said 

" nope well I do have posters of you guys as you can see there, but I have posters of my other favorite bands and singers. Also pictures of my family and best moments of my life. " I said 

" I can see that, I love how it's decorated " he said 

" Thanks " I said 

I went to my closet and got my favorite bathing suit and so did Lettie. She always has spare clothes in my house. When we got everything, we went back to the car and drove to the beach. We end up going to Santa Monica beach. 

We went near the rocks at the end to have a little bit of privacy. Niall was holding my hand and Harry was holding Lettie Hand. The other guys were just racing each other like little kids it was so cute. We where enjoying the our beach day out. We played some beach soccer Harry scored on me once and I scored on him twice hahahaha. Niall grabbed me and threw me in the water, but I got him back by pulling him down too. Niall, me, Harry, and Lettie all took a walk on the beach. At first we thought it was a good idea until paparazzi came and was taking pictures and their fans came up to them too. for the short time we had of alone time I had forgotten they where famous. 

Niall wasn't going to keep me secret 

" hey yo, paparazzi take a picture of this " he said 

Then all of the sudden he picks me up and kisses me and twirls me around. I was blushing when he did that. 

" Hey Niall bro, thats not fair I was going to do that " Harry yells 

Then he grabs Lettie and kiss her 

" This is my girlfriend " Harry yells 

I saw Lettie blushing 

" And this is my girlfriend " Niall yelled 

he was pointing at me and as Lettie I was blushing 

The paparazzi left and we continued our walk on the beach. We stayed there until sunset, it was beautiful. I had a great day with everyone today. It was so romantic. I had the best day ever and it was time to go. I didn't want to leave yet but we have to. I was so tired that I took and a short nap on Niall again on the way back. 


is the last thing I heard 

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