Out Of Our Hands

Athena and Alethia best friends since birth, both different but both the same. Athena loves one direction and she never knew she will meet them while she was playing soccer and ends up kicking the soccer ball that unfortunately for him it hits his head. when she goes apologize she notice something about him. she gets lost in his blue eyes and doesn't even notice that she just kick a soccer ball to Niall Horan. Alethia is shock that they just ran into Athena favorite band. yet what she doesn't know that she will fall in love again but will everything go right for her and Athena when their past comes back to haunt them. when their life are just getting better.


10. A Homemade Breakfast

Nini's P.O.V. 

I woke up in Niall arms, he was so comfortable he was like a pillow. i turn around to grab my phone to see what time it was. it was 5:30 am i had to wake to wake up early in the morning, theres something really wrong with me. not for one day can i enjoy having a goodnight sleep. SHOOT!! i forgot to tell my dad i was going to stay over. i go to messages and there i saw i already text him. was i that sleepy that i dont even remember texting my dad. its still five in the morning what to do Niall is sound asleep as well as the others. so i got up and walked to their kitchen that they had in the room. i was hungry as Lettie would say esta nina come, but doesn't gain any weight.  It was true i do eat all but i don't know about never gaining weight i felt like i did even if it doesn't  look like it. i went to the fridge and open it and all i saw was NOTHING :(.  i was sad their was food but not food. but what i did see was ingridients. ingridients to make HOMEMAD PANCAKES!!! I would obviously make them all pancakes its going to take a long time but i have time. For crying out loud it 5 IN THE MOURNING, i have all the time i need to make this pancakes and eggs and sausages and a huge breakfast buffet. 

An hour Later 

finally I'm done i never cooked that much before. I lie i have when all my brothers lived with us in our two bedroom apartment i made them breakfast. i found it unfair, since i was the youngest. so i start cleaning the dishes when i feel someone creeping up on me...

"AHHHH" I scream 

i turn around and see it was Niall 

"so you're ticklish hmm hahahahaha awesome now i know your weakness" he laughs 

i love his laugh so much its so cute 

" Niall of course i'm ticklish i scream didnt I." i reply 

" its cute babe. i love how you panic. hahahahaha" he continue laughing 

" keep laughing, you're not get any food. " i quickly reply 

" no, thats a cruel joke Nini." he says 

" Niall you know i was joking around, right?" i say hoping he wasnt mad. 

" I know, hahahaha now make that frown up side down." he says 

and i start smiling again 

" i have a surprise for you, close your eyes." he says 

i wonder what the surprise was as i closed my eyes. 

" Niall!!" i scream for the second time 

" sorry babe i had too" he said 

he had put a lot of whip cream on my face 

" I'm gonna get you back, just you watch" i say as i clean the whip cream of my face 

he starts to run and i chase after he go toward Liam 

" Liam wake up and help me!!" he screams 

" ugh.. what is it lad?" Liam says waking up 

" Nini!" Niall screams 

" what is mate, whats wrong with her!?!?!!?" Liam says 

i quickly lay down and pretend im asleep 

" she's trying to get back at me for putting whip cream all over her face " Niall explains 

" oh really!! Lads!!" Liam says 

so i knew my cover has been blown, so i run to Lettie cuase Niall called for back up 

" Lettie, back up now !!!" i said 

she sprung to action like a ninja, yay she's learning to be a ninja as me yay im so proud. 

" Details!!" she says as we go into hiding 

" it doesnt matter we are going to get you girls" Harry and Niall both scream

" Thats what you think!!" lettie screams 

" niall put whip cream all over my face, i chase him he went to Liam and they both called for back up." 

" oooh pay back love it hahahaha" she said

we laughed quietly we where roaming around the hotel room and we spot Zayn and Louis so we sprung into action.

" ahhh" they scream

" so i guess we are out?" Zayn said

we just nod our heads and giggled. we continue roaming around we found Liam so we use a plan. lettie goes in front of him and he is about to shoot her than BAM i come getting him with whip cream. 

" Lads careful their ninjas, Harry, Niall you guys are the last survivors avenge us" He shouted

" thanks for giving us up Liam " i say

" you welcome " he says with a smirk 

" i got harry" lettie says 

" kk i get Niall " i say 

so we split up to look for them but i run into Harry... 

" AHHH!!" i hear Lettie scream i knew she was out now its me and Harry and Niall. 

i had to escape Harry, but i was to late he saw me he got the bottle of whip cream, i just cover up my face. when all of the sudden i see a body infront of me. it was Niall again. he saved me again 

" lad you ok?" Harry said 

" what where you thinking" louis said 

" i was thinking that i am the only one to spray whip cream on Nini!!!" he said 

" aww....ahhhh. Niall!!!" i said 

" see hahahaha!" he said 

he had to spray me with whip cream but he's forgiven 

" you guys hurry the food is getting cold. " lettie said already in the kitchen 

" who made food? " Harry said 

" Nini!!" Niall said 

" Niall type of girl" the boys say 

" she is my girl " Niall said 

we all went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. they where enjoy the breakfast that i made for them. 

" thanks Nini for this breakfast." they all said 

" you welcome " i say 

" it makes me feel like i was a little kid again and my mum made me a home cook meal. " Niall said 

" ya, i know what you mean, its always to have a homemade meal." i say 

" it was delicious Athena! " Louis said 

" thanks " i said 

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