Looking though my past

You and liam have been married for 6 years with 5 beautiful children! Rose, Dasiy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee. Your family is always being mobbed because of Liam. But the kids don't know why they're all over the news, so you need to dig back in time before your 6th child is born.


2. Roses age

"yes!" liam says excitedly as you start to tell the story. "when i was Rose's age i won 3 tickets to go and see a very world-wide famous band called one direction, and i brought grandma and aunt Kyra. It was the last song that they sung and they yelled "who wants to be our girls?" all of the girls started screaming at the top of there lungs. All 5 of the boys set out to find the girl of the night, they found me and Kyra and we went up and the cutest guy out of them all picked me to dance with him! I was so excited and i almost fainted, after all of the dancing the boy i had fell in love with invited me and Kyra to go backstage, we said ok and we hung out. At the end of the night when the boys had to leave my crush gave me his number. Me Kyra and Grandma went back to the hotel and immediatly texted him and we ended up talking for the whole night. I thought that he would forget about me by the next day, when i had to go back to school and learn. At lunch time i went to my locker and checked my phone, he had texted me! He ended up picking me up after school and we went out for a really early dinner. After dinner we went back to my house and hung out and he told me sadly that he was going back to england, but he wanted to keep dating. He flew me out to see him every other week and we became best friends. We dated for about 3 more years and then i was out of high school, thats when he asked me to move in with him, i know the move to england would affect my family but i went anyway. I ended up going to collage and becoming a teacher for a bit. We were having a blast, espessaily when he took me on tour with them! We went all over the world, and the one night that i remember the most is when he took me to the effil tower." you finish off that part of the story and clear the dishes, liam comes up behind you and hugs you. All of you walk to the living room and sit down as you finish off your tale.
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