Looking though my past

You and liam have been married for 6 years with 5 beautiful children! Rose, Dasiy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee. Your family is always being mobbed because of Liam. But the kids don't know why they're all over the news, so you need to dig back in time before your 6th child is born.


5. Part 4

You stop looking down at emmiee and look up to see ou're other girl intriged with the story you continue.

"after my 3rd child i stopped having them for a while and had an awesome time with the 3 kids, we went traveling everywhere and bought them things they wanted really badly. It was about 4 years later that i found out i was expecting my 4th child so we stopped traviling and took care of her to! When she was old enough we traveled again and this time to the hot springs in iceland! We Stayed there for a week and ever since grade 9 i've wanted to go there! We had so much fun hanging around and looking at the geisers and hot springs. When we got home i enrolled my 3 kids in school and took care of my 4th kid by myself as my husband went on tours and concerts. My 4th child is 5 today and well i got pregnant a year ago with my 5th child and now i'm pregnant again with my 6th child. And if you haven't already guessed all of my kids names are rose,Daisy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee and my 6th childs name is Bridget-Marie or Harry!" you stop talking and let your daughters drink in everything you just told them! "and you may know uncle harry, zayn, louis and Niall.. Well they were in a band with daddy and they we're the biggest band alive! I got my chance with daddy and you can have you're chance with your prince!" you finish off saying as you take your kids upstairs to bed. rose and daisy share a bedroom because they wanted to and behind the closed doors you could faintly hear them talking about liam. You smile and head off to bed to cuddle with liam. "i love you babe!" you say as you kiss him on the lips
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