Looking though my past

You and liam have been married for 6 years with 5 beautiful children! Rose, Dasiy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee. Your family is always being mobbed because of Liam. But the kids don't know why they're all over the news, so you need to dig back in time before your 6th child is born.


4. Part 3

"a few years later Me and him got married and by then I had 2 kids! I walked down the aisle to one of the most famous songs then, what makes you beautiful and we said our vows. We moved out of the boys house and bought our own huge house for a big family, me and the boy agreed that we both wanted 6-7 kids and we had to have 5 more! I had to stop my teaching job to take care of my 2 kids, so my husband started audidoning for movies and tv shows, we even had our own tv show that was on air for a year, it was about what his life was like then and how much it had changed since he got married and had kids. After the series ended he went back to work starring in films and other tv shows. The boys ended up getting back together and recording new songs and concert, we took our kids around the world to and they had so much fun! We even got to stay in disneyland for 4 days and they went on all the rides. After we got back from florida i found out i was pregnant again! My one daughter was 6 and the other one was 3 and now i got pregnant with another one! The boys stopped singing again so that my husband could take care of me and the 3 kids.
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