Looking though my past

You and liam have been married for 6 years with 5 beautiful children! Rose, Dasiy,Lily, Gemma and Emmiee. Your family is always being mobbed because of Liam. But the kids don't know why they're all over the news, so you need to dig back in time before your 6th child is born.


3. Part 2!

"by that point me and him have been dating for 6-7 years. He took me to dinner on the effil tower, for dinner i had spagetti and garlic bread and i was wearing a little black dress with pink pumps. The table was a 2 person table and he had put flowers in the middle of the table. We walked over to the balcony part of the effil tower. He said to me, "it's almost as beautfuil as you my darling!" he said to me as he got down on his knee."baby we've been through alot and it's been about 7 years and i am completly in love with you! I have been ever since i've met you! So will you marry me?" he asked me with tears in his eyes, I was completly shocked! So many thoughts were going through my mind. "yes yes yes a billion times yes baby!" i said to him as he slipped the beautiful dimand ring onto my finger and we started kissing. The paps started taking pictures of us and thr next day it was all over the news! And also that day i found out i was pregnant! I was so over joyrd and so was he! After our little party me and the boys went back to england and we just chilled out, the boys thought that they had a good 8 year run at being one of the biggest bands alive so they stopped singing all together. Thats when things between me and him got more and more serious!"
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