The Varrock Herald

This is my entry to the runescape writing contest


1. 011230]


Varrock Herald Citizens Shocked of Recent Goblin Seige -Varrock Associated Press      50gp "The goblins are revolting!" These were the last words of Varrock's esteemed Captain of the royal guard.The event made news all across Gielinor, a group of cave goblins successfully attacked Varrock's elite team of guards. When the news reached Falador, the order of the White Knights issued a law where all citizens between the ages of 18 to 30 must immediatly join the Knights, in an attempt to keep Falador from recieving the same fate.   "I can't beileve it happened, it just happened so fast." Noted Zaff, trader of fine staffs, for all your magic needs™."One minute, I was selling staffs to an adventurer, then, Poof! His head exploded." Other shopkeepers and salesmen in Varrock reported similar things happen to there customers.Then the attack hit. Thousands upon thousands of poorly crafted arrows vollyed upon the city, the archers couldn't see the attack coming.   "The attack could have been prevented, should the beacon keepers have lit the beacons when they first noticed trouble." King Roald said as he addresed the remaining inhabitants."The important thing is, we have some of the top notch adventurers fighting off the goblin forces at the wilderness fence, and an elite group of Varrock guards to protect them from Pk'ers."   Citizens are relieved to hear great news, and are back to their day to day lives and the city is safe once more. To prevent attacks from happening again, King Roald issued a notice of fumigation to the cave goblins that attacked, and will be flooding their tunnels with smoke, then have archers pick them off at each entrance.   Some adventurers that have completed "The Chosen Commander" are against the fumigation of the cave goblins as these are the last of the species left, but what the adventurers failed to point out was that these goblins came from the Wilderness, not from a cellar.    Speculation from adventurers such as: aidema, have theorized that these aren't actually goblins, but a lost race, possibly a species from before even the gods themselves roamed Geilinor. This theory was brushed away as stupidity and protecting the cave goblins. This is this weeks edition of, The Varrock Herald.
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