Call Me to the Wild

This story is about a girl who grew up in a town or tribe of feminists, but they arn't normal people.They are werewolves.

At the age of fifteen you are transformed.You change from your original looks to dark ridged features and red eyes. You can never reverse this, it is permenant. your life is changed and you can't do anything about it.


2. Unexpected Incounter

 As I run through the cold, early morning. Dew wets my fur and I can feel rain starting to drizzle on my nose. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a brown figure. I dart in its direction. But it’s gone. I look around and all I can see is what looks like a human foot print. No one is out here ever and when we do come out here we don`t where shoes. I shake it off and continue running. Then I stop. I see a small deer standing semi hidden behind a bush and tree. It sees me but is not moving it must be hurt. I slowly stalk toward it and then pounce. I catch it around its neck. It has already been attacked  there was a large bite taken out of its left leg. A bite that I have never seen before, too large to fit one of our jaws. It wouldn`t be one of ours anyway what we get we don`t let go of. I take it out of its misery and brake its neck but I leave it because it won`t be used back in town. People will be paranoid and think that it has some disease or something. I start to run slowly trying not to make too much noise since whatever bit that deer might be still around. The forest is quiet too quiet.

There is no chirping of birds or humming of bugs. A branch cracks and I dash into the foliage. I whip past trees and hit branches. I can hear running and cracks of branches coming from behind me. I look back and see a tall bear like creature. It is at least six and a half feet in stature. It has brown hair and blue eyes. It could take me down in one bound. I speed up and so does it. It is starting to catch up to me. Unsure of where or what to do I start to dart in all sorts of directions until I trip on a log that is old and rotted. I fall hard to the ground. Whenever we are in our wolf form and we get hurt we turn back into humans. I can now feel my clammy skin touching the moist dirt. Blood flowed from my previous wound from the other fight. My arm aches from the hard fall. I try to regain my ground but I am unable. My knees buckle on me and I fall back to the ground. This reminds me of when I was fifteen. My sister and I were running around in our center circle of the town and she stumbled over a rock and scraped her knee on the gravel. When she noticed she was bleeding she rubed it off on her coat and continued to run. That is all I want to do know. Get up and run.

The beast is now upon me, cowering around me readying its self for attack. It must be trying to figure out where its first lethal bite should be. Suddenly it collapses on top of me. I felt the weight of it. This thing weighted at least three hundred pounds. I can feel all my bones crumbling under the animal. I catch only a glimpse of an arrow sticking out of the back of its head and what looks to be a brown figure. I can`t be sure but it looked like boy.

I attempt to heave the grotesque animal off my body with all the strength I can conjure up. I finally make the strength to roll the body off of mine to the empty patch of grass next to me. I make my way to my knees. My back is soaked with sweat and dew. I rub my wet palms on my tattered shorts. I finally make it to my feet without falling over, but my knees still buckle. My whole body aches. The feeling of a giant beast on my chest has died away to a slight pressure. My heart rate has slowed down from the speedy rate it was earlier. I jump again into the air and emerge again as my other identity and I run.


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