Call Me to the Wild

This story is about a girl who grew up in a town or tribe of feminists, but they arn't normal people.They are werewolves.

At the age of fifteen you are transformed.You change from your original looks to dark ridged features and red eyes. You can never reverse this, it is permenant. your life is changed and you can't do anything about it.


1. Through My Eyes

The wind blew cold and fresh through my silky black locks, my eyes a blazing red as they latch onto their target. I jump, my back legs bruching the freshly setteled drew that always lays on the rocks at this time. As I slowly see my target getting closer i close my eyes and make one last jump. Through the fog I emerge and walk into my school. As I walk into the warm half-light hallway I could see the judgmental stairs that always confronted me every time I take one step on ceramic tiles. I could not hide in this jail they call a school, my features were to distinct, to different ,from the deep night black hair that lay just above my chin with jagged layers that semi stick out depending on what morning I had, my eyes are the things that stick out most. The dark red almost blood like eyes that people never try to meet. I know all their eyes are only full of hatred and judgement, but i don't care. I have a friend back in my reserve. The reserve is where i live and so do many others who are like me and some who arn't like me, yet. everyone in the school knows I am one of "them".

  I did not choose to be this way. I did not ask for it. It just happens, it is like a tradition. On your fifteenth birthday you are brought into the circle. The sister hood if you like. When you are entered you can’t leave it, you are devoted to your new sisters and have to protect your family. There are some perks to being in this group we can the “Mathe”, your entire family is protected and you have an unlimited amount of food. But, it is not all fun and games. If you disobey the rules of the  group you are killed or banished, depending on the crime commited and your family is tortured.

 The people in school stare me down when they think I am not looking, but I notice the whispers I get as I walk down the hall. When the finally bell rings I bolt for the door, just wanting to get home. I build up speed and am home in seconds. My house is on a special reserve that is fully protected by hourly guards. All the members of the people live in this reserve with their families. I live her with my mother, baby brother and little sister. I took the spot of my mother when I turned fifteen which was only one year ago, and in eight years when my sister is fifteen she will join me. The way the joining works is when you have a daughter the oldest on takes your place in the group so you can take care and grow old. If you do have more than one the other daughter will join their sister at the age of fifteen.

I as I walk through the door I can smell the fresh bread that was just delivered as it always was on Wednesdays. I then see my mother cradling the baby in her arms as she rocks it back and forth into sleep. You can tell my mom used to be beautiful but now her warn features say otherwise. Big circles bag under her eyes from long nights awake. Her black hair is streaked grey and red, her former hair color.

“Hello, honey” her warm sweet voice echoes down the hall. “Hi” I say coldly. I am not usually like this I am just in a bad mood today. My mom always says it is because of my development. When you enter the group, your body start to change when you hit eight months in. Your eyes go black and so does your hair. Your teeth grow and become sharper. Sometimes it can be painful but I know how to control my emotions.

My mother knows what I am going through and just shakes my attitude off. “How was your day at school? Learn anything new?” She tries to pick up the conversation but she must know it is a lost cause.  I don’t reply and just make my way up to my room. Our brick house causes it to be always cold but I never mind, my blood is warmer than most. I drift slowly to sleep until my mother’s voice awakes me. “Honey Jasper is here, your lessons are going to start soon, and you can’t be late!” Jasper is really my only real friend. She has only been in the group for nine months so her development has only just begun. Her eyes still have sparks blue and her hair is pure gold; I see no spots of black. I envy her; some say she will be a lucky one who gets to keep her colour. That is very rare but it does happen. I used to have long red hair and green eyes that changed to blue in the light. I was stunning looked just like my mother used to be, but now I am just like the others, black and grey.

Jasper and I make our way to the big field that lies in the center of town. She tries to make small talk along the way but I tell her I am not in the mood. When we make it to the field the meeting has already started. We hurry to find a place to stand in the crowd where we won’t be spotted sneaking in late, but we are. One of the head leaders spots us and summons us over. There are only four main leaders, Iris, Mal, Spark, and Chance the one we talk to now. Chance has a big build but a soft face, even with her black hair and eyes she still gives off a glow of happiness like she wants to be here. I guess a lot of them like being this way, but I don’t.

“You girls are late again” she says in a stern but soft voice. “It won’t happen again Miss I swear” Jasper reply’s in her sweetest voice. Chance gives us a stare with a hint of childishness and shoos us away and we find our spots on the crowd. There are about fifty people in the crowd ranging from age fifteen to sixty for those who never had girls. During this meeting we are split up into five groups for our training lessons. The lessons include strength, physical, technique, endurance, and attack methods. My first lesson is physical my favorite. They pair you up with someone with equal strength as you and you fight. No rules. You can tap out when you want but if you want to have some respect you last as long as you’re conscious. I am paired up with Hanna she is one year older than me and has a medium build. She used to be the kid bully when we were six, she used to steal dolls and rip their heads off. I know nice, right? Her hair always sits in the same spot with greasy curls. Jasper is much smaller than me so she is always paired up with Samantha a fifteen year old girl who just loves everyone. Even though Jasper is small she is a great fighter. Tiny and wiry.

Hanna and I end up getting picked first, while we stand up and get ourselves ready Jasper gives me a small wink and wishes me luck. I and Hanna are standing at the ready waiting for the whistle to blow. When it does we shake hands and go at it. I lunge for her and her face smashes against my hand. She recoils and hits my shoulder. I grab her hand to stop a punch to my left temple and whip it back in her direction. My leg kicks up at her but my stupid move winds me on the floor. She grabbed my ankle and spun me onto my face. I try to get up but the first time I am unsuccessful. I try again and manage to make it to my feet. She growls at me hoping this would be an easy fight. I don’t give up that easy. ”Come on" she snarls through her teeth. She surges toward me with anger in her eyes; she throws all her force into a punch that hits my side. I surge sideways and fall on the hard ground. Mal the leader of this section stops the fight and declares Hanna the winner. I stand up in fury and wipe the blood off my face. “I was not done!”  I yelled more out of pure adrenalin then anger. ”Yes, you are” Mal says. I glare at her then at Hanna who gives me the most smug, gleeful look I’ve ever seen plastered on her dumb face.

The training goes on into the late hours of the night. I finish up the other sesions then make my way home with Jasper. “Are you okay? You got beaten up pretty bad back there.” I know she is just trying to be nice to me but I take offence at this. “I am fine!” I snap back as I push her hand way from my face. We finish walking in silence to my house which is directly beside hers. “Goodnight “she says quietly as we arrive at our houses. “Goodnight and I am sorry. I just don’t like losing”, “I know” she gives a big smile and we part ways.

When I get home my mother is already asleep and dinner is laid out for me. I grab the bowl of stew and lie on the coach and stare at the fire. My sister’s voice startles me. “Oh my God! What happened to you?” “Hi, oh nothing is wrong, just lost a fight today at training.” “Oh” she replays. She comes and sits next to me by the fire. We both slowly drift to sleep in each other’s arms. My sister and I don’t usually talk much but times like these make me really happy to have her. I remember when she was born. I hated her. She always got my mother and fathers attention. But when she was five and our little brother was on the way my father got killed. The Mathe never liked him. He used to be a part of this ancient group called the Pancos which now is extinct. The Pancos were a group like ours but with fewer rules. They would go out and hunt and kill random people. Well, in a town meeting he mentioned the Pancos and how they were much better and more respected then the Mates are. Everyone in the town hated him after that and they even had a potion to have him publicly killed. Everyone signed. So with her at the age of five and me at the age of twelve we watched our father get pelted with bullets.  After that I felt bad for my sister and forgave her for being born because if she weren’t born I would have never been able to make it through that.

   When I wake in the morning I am alone. A knock on the door startles me. Spark was standing in my door frame. Her petit body looks odd standing in the massive wood frame. She leans as her body as if it is totally crooked.

“Hey Cal! Go get ready it is hunting day”. No one ever calls me by my full name; I think they can’t say it. Well it’s Calliope. “What about school?” I say in a dazed fashion since I had just gotten up. “Skip” she replied. With that I get dressed into a pair of long black track pants and a dark green shirt. I gather together a small bag of extra cloths, since I know the ones I am wearing won’t last and a piece of bread for a snack. As I walk out the door I notice Jasper is standing there behind Spark. She looks strange today. She says she is fine but I know something is up. We follow Spark to the end of reserve and find the rest of the pack. As we prepare to leave Mal gets up in front of the crowd. Her odd features would definitely make her stand out in a crowd. She is bald and her head is covered in tattoos. The one that sticks out to me the most is one that covers most of her head and stretches down to her ear. An eagle, with black wings and yellow eyes.

       “Good morning everyone. Are we ready for a good day today?” her voice seems more chipper then usual but I usually ignore her anyway. “Everyone be safe today and get us some food!” that is always the signal that we can leave. I start to run and then jump into the air. I then become the monster I really am. When I am in this form I am about five feet tall with pure black hair. My eyes glow red and my teeth grow an inch. I am the monster that haunts my sister’s dreams. We all are, and soon she will be too.




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