Fighting and Love

When I meet One Direction I go crazy. But the boys start arguing and fighting but then the bring me into it and make me pick a side but I don't know who to pick and have try to make them brothers again.


1. I meet them

"AHH TURN ON 104.1 ONE DIRECTION IS ON!" I tell my BFF we both love 1D.We are like crazy over them we loved them them ever scince we saw them on The X Factor.I personally think we are their biggest fans being honest once we got front row seats for free because we got 100/100 on a 1D test.We also got backstage passes and we are going tomarrow.Yay!So I fall asleep listening to 1D.The next day we go to the concert wearing a bunch of One Direction merchandise once the concert was over we went back stage and saw 5 beautiful boys Niall,Louis,Harry,Zayn and Liam
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