One more night

Lauren and her bestfriend Nicole decide to go to England on vacation to visit Nicole's boyfriend lee. Nicole hadn't really told Lauren that much about "lee". Only that lee was his nickname and he was in a band. Soon Lauren discover that lee is Liam from one direction. And when she starts to hang out with all the boys she can't help but fall for the one and only, Harry styles. They fall deep in love. But where will it take them?


9. Chapter 9

I woke up to the sound of one car door shutting, and mine opening. "well, good morning sunshine." harry towered over me smiling. "did i really fall asleep? oh my god. i didn't drool did i?" i asked embarrassed. "hah, no, but even if you did, it would just make you look even more adorable." he smiled. "oh, shut up." i laughed getting out of the car. "where are we?" i asked. he seemed hesitant. "Harry, where are we?" i asked again. "uhh, to be honest, i kinda got lost on the way to where i was going, and we ended up here. so, yeah. i don't know, i guess we'll just have to wait and find out." he said. "okay." i smiled. i could seem he relax when he said that. "Plus." he said. "No one knows I'm here, so it should be as private we want it." he said with a big smile on his face. "good." i smiled back. it relieved me, i wanted to be alone with him without all the cameras in my face. We got closer to the door. it read 'ZOO CHESTER ZOO. NAME AN ANIMAL, I BET WE HAVE IT.' "oh, i love zoo's!" i cooed, almost jumping up into the air.  "god, your so cute."  he smiled. i smiled back shyly. I loved seeing all the cute little animals. except for when it came to the aquatic part of the zoo. There were sharks. i hated sharks. i hated the ocean. "you hate the ocean?" harry asked surprised. "yeah. it's scary." i said. "what!? it's beautiful!" he said. "but there is sharks, and sharks are scary." "so, if the ocean didn't have sharks, you would like it?" "no." i said blankly. "but i thought that's what you were scared of. " he looked confused. "yeah, it is. But i'm scared of water where i can't see the bottom, and what's under me. I can deal with lakes, but i know that there are things in the ocean that will gladly bite my toes and other body parts off." he just laughed at me. "oh, shutup!" i laughed, hitting him on the arm. "I'm sure your scared of things too!" "awe, your just so cute when your upset." he smiled. "shush." i smiled back. we walked over to the koala's and everything else. "awww, they are all so adorable!" i beamed. "they're just like you." he smiled. i blushed. he wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a kiss on the cheek. i noticed that we haven't REALLY kissed. like on the lips. and i liked that he didn't push it. all though a kiss wasn't really a big deal, i felt like it was with him. and i liked that feeling. it felt serious. We decided to leave. On the way home we stopped to get ice cream. It was a long drive home, and i fell asleep again, except this time, half way on his shoulder, it wasn't exactly the most comfortable position, but i liked it. We pulled up to my hotel room around 12:30 a.m. i was tired. I grabbed my purse and the stuffed animal he won me (at the zoo.) and we went up to my room. i opened the door, expecting him to come in behind me, but he stopped. our hands were still interlocked so i kind of fell backwards. "what?" i turned around and asked him. "you didn't invite me in, so until you do..." "come on in, harry." i said in a cheesy way and i moved swept my arm, making the gesture of inviting someone in. "i have to use the bathroom, so i'll be out in a minute." he said. "okay." i smiled. I threw my stuff on the chair and leaned over my suitcase. Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. i smiled, i couldn't help it. everything just felt right.  "you know." he whispered. "i really like you, and i want to make this work." he kissed my neck, and up to my cheek. i again couldn't help but smile. i turned around and looked him in his beautiful green eyes. i locked my hands behind his neck. we stared into eachothers eyes for a few minutes. silent. and that was enough for me. He dipped in and kissed me, and i kissed him back. i felt tons of butterflies in my stomach.

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