One more night

Lauren and her bestfriend Nicole decide to go to England on vacation to visit Nicole's boyfriend lee. Nicole hadn't really told Lauren that much about "lee". Only that lee was his nickname and he was in a band. Soon Lauren discover that lee is Liam from one direction. And when she starts to hang out with all the boys she can't help but fall for the one and only, Harry styles. They fall deep in love. But where will it take them?


8. Chapter 8

We finally made it to the car. It was so crowded. I didn't know what to do, all the camera's flashing, everything was to overwhelming. He started the car and all the paparazzi moved. We sped off. "Sorry." he frowned. "It's fine." i said. "No, it's not. i know its a lot to handle. I just don't understand how they found me, and how there were so many of them. who knew my love life was so interesting." he said. "yeah.. It's like they would almost stop for nothing until they got a picture of you." "oh, trust me, its not me who they were after today." "what do you mean?" i asked confused. of course they were after him, he was harry styles, a member in the most famous boy band around at this time. "They were trying to get a picture of you, and me, of us. together. Your now going to find yourself all over the news and twitter, as 'the mystery girl harry styles picked up.'. "I'm sorry. I don't want this to turn into anything because of me. because of us hanging out." i frowned. "are you kidding me? I would be spending time with you, than having good publicity." he looked at me confused. i smiled foolishly. that made him loosen up a bit. He turned on the radio to one of the stations, and Well Well Well by Duffy came on. he started singing, and it was funny. he was purposely singing terribly, and i joined in with him. before we knew it we were both shaking our heads crazily. "highly suspicious, where was i last night..... well, well, well." we bobbed along singing and acting like complete idiots. By the time the song was over, both of our faces were red from laughing so much. He turned down the volume a little as we continued to laugh. "first of all." he said. "you have a adorable laugh. Secondly, i think i really like you. i feel comfortable around you, and open. I haven't been able to be like that with someone, uncaringly, for a long time. i think i just might keep you." he winked. "well, Mr. harry." i smiled back. "i think i just might keep you to." He grabbed my hand and continued to drive. "where are we going anyway?" i asked. "to be honest, I don't know." he laughed. "oh, okay! i love adventures!" i beamed. "oh my god." he said. "what?" i asked. "nothing, it's just freaky how much we have in common." he said. "I guess so." i smiled. He got onto the freeway, turned up the music, and put on cruise control. He looked at me smiling. "it might be a long drive. I think i know where to take you." "okay, I'll go anywhere." i winked. i put my head back and sang along to the music, my hand in Harry's, and before i knew it, i was asleep.

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