One more night

Lauren and her bestfriend Nicole decide to go to England on vacation to visit Nicole's boyfriend lee. Nicole hadn't really told Lauren that much about "lee". Only that lee was his nickname and he was in a band. Soon Lauren discover that lee is Liam from one direction. And when she starts to hang out with all the boys she can't help but fall for the one and only, Harry styles. They fall deep in love. But where will it take them?


6. Chapter 6

I walked back inside, smiling like a idiot. i closed the door behind me. I noticed harry standing over by Zayn and Louis, looking at me and smiling. i smiled back and walked over to Nicole. her and Liam were just standing around talking about there anniversary. as soon as she noticed me she drug me away into the hall. "what happened?" she smiled. "uhh, nothing." i lied. "oh, come on Lauren. don't bullshit me." she said. "well, he drug me into the hall, we talked a little bit, and were hanging out tomorrow." "that's it?" she asked. "yeah.." i lied again. "and he might of gave me a little kiss." "awe, that's so cute!" she beamed. "yeah, shut up, your going to let everyone know. haha" "oops, sorry." she said. "it's okay. just keep everything on the down low, i don't want the world to know." "oh, come on. im still the mystery girl with Liam, and we've been together for the longest time!" "okay, i trust you." i smiled. "it doesn't matter if i do keep my mouth shut, i bet harry is going to tell all the boys all about it tonight." "well, whatever." i laughed. we both walked out and got back to the party. the whole night harry and i shared glances and smiles. he brushed past me a couple times and everytime he did, i would just smile foolishly. We danced a bit together, he would kiss my neck a little bit and I'd have to pull away to keep myself from blushing to much. At about 2:00 a.m. everyone went home. Harry stayed back with Liam, Nicole, and i to help clean up. he kept trying to clean everything. "let me clean that." "I'll take care of it. don't worry about it. I don't want you to have to do it all." is pretty much all he said the whole time. "go home. get some sleep. I'll be fine. trust me." i said. "okay." he frowned. "hey, I'll see you tomorrow. you'll be okay. just go get some sleep." i said. He gave me a little peck on the cheek and left. "god, you two are going to be so cute." Liam smiled. "how long have you been standing there Liam?" i laughed. "uhh, about the whole time." "oh, well, whatever." i smiled. "why don't you put the trash bag down, I'll get Nicole and i will take you two home." he said. "I can drive myself.. i have my license." "yeah, i know, but did you forget that you had a few alcoholic drinks?" "oh, yeah, thanks Liam." i smiled. "go get in the car. I'll get Nicole and ill meet you out there." "okay." i laughed. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door. i went downstairs, said by to the security guard, and jumped in the black range rover in front of the apartment. about five later, Liam and Nicole walked out of the building hand in hand. They got in the car and we took off.

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