One more night

Lauren and her bestfriend Nicole decide to go to England on vacation to visit Nicole's boyfriend lee. Nicole hadn't really told Lauren that much about "lee". Only that lee was his nickname and he was in a band. Soon Lauren discover that lee is Liam from one direction. And when she starts to hang out with all the boys she can't help but fall for the one and only, Harry styles. They fall deep in love. But where will it take them?


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to the overjoyed flight attendant in my ear. "ma'am. Ma'am. We're about to land. " "o-okay." I managed to spit out, half awake. I got my purse off the floor, checked my makeup, popped in a mint, and woke Nicole up. I was definitely glad that this flight was over. I decided never again was i going to spend more than a hour in a plane. The airport in London was definitely not what i was used to. It was huge. I came from a small town in Indiana. Our airport was definitely not this size. I stuck close with nicole, even though she didn't know where she was going either. I wasn't going to risk getting lost in a place like this. "where the hell are we going?" asked Nicole. "I honestly have no idea. Just follow those people, they don't have anything with them, so they obviously didn't have carry on. " "okay." she responded. Turns out, I was right. We waited for like 10 minutes it seemed until I finally saw my zebra print suitcase with a purple tag. About 5 minutes later, Nicole found hers. The way to the hotel was in a way awkward. The cab driver was so hard to understand. And I kept finding myself scared because  I wasn't used to the 'driving on the left' thing yet. Everything was so backwards, good thing I had another stupid American with me. When we got to the hotel we checked in and went to our rooms. I was exhausted. Even though I slept the whole plane ride pretty much. (almost like a whole nights rest). I decided I was going to bed. But first I went to Nicole's room to tell her what was going on. When she answered the door she was on the phone. I figured it was lee. "yeah. Uh huh. I'm here. I'm safe. Aww, your so caring. Oh stop, your to cute!" oh, I thought. They are one of those couples. She continued "okay lee, I'll come see you tonight, maybe Lauren will come to, you can introduce her to the boys... Okay, see you soon. Love you too. Bye." "finally." I said. "I thought you would never get off, so I'm guessing that was the boyfriend lee?" "obviously stupid." she laughed. "I said his name and that I was coming to see him!" she picked up a pillow and chucked it at me. "hey!" I yelled, and threw it back at her, hit her straight in the nose. "that's what you get!" I said. We laughed for a minute or two. She didn't hesitate to bring up going to see lee. "soooo, I'm going over to lee's apartment in a few. Want to come?" she asked. " actually, I'm sorry Nicole, but I think I'm going to sleep." "are you kidding me?" she laughed. "no I'm serious. I'm so tired." "oh, come on! It will be fun ! You'll get to meet lee finally! And the rest of the boys!" she pleaded. " no, sorry cole(her nickname I gave her when we were 10). I'll meet him tomorrow or something. Hey, you never told me his full name. Just that you call him lee. What is it?" "oh.." she said. "his name's Liam. ". "oh cool, like Liam from one direction? That's such a cool name!" " one direction." she said. "okay, well have fun, be safe. Don't come home pregnant." "god laur, you sound like my mom!" " hahhaa, it's what I do. But have fun. I'm going to bed." "okay, night!" she called after me as I walked out the door. When I got back to my room, which was only next door, I went straight to bed. I stripped off my bra and pants. Sleeping in my tshirt and underwear, and before I knew it. I was fast asleep.
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