blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


9. Yous are pretty cool

Pearls P.O.V

As soon as i got close enough to the pool i dived in not looking around to see who was there or if anyone was in the pool, It was really warm. I came to the surface to get a breath, to see Nicole still standing where i left her. I looked over to the boys and waved, they all waved back. I groaned "hurry up Nicole!" She stopped looking at the boys and turned her gaze to me then back to the boys. I slapped my palm onto my face and laughed. I decided im going to have to throw her in. I climbed out of the pool and ran over to Nicole grabbing her arm all the boy watching in amusment, as i pulled her in with me. She let out a sqwiel as she hit the water. We both popped up at the same time but i was at the other end of the pool by the four surprised looking boys Louis wasnt to fazed. I climbed up the ladder and walked over to them "Hey im Pearl and thats Nicole" I said blowing a drop of water of my lip and pointing in the water. Liam stood up, he had white swimming shorts on, he also had brown hair but brown eyes, he walked upto me and shook my hand "Im Liam as you proberbly already know" he smiled. I nodded my head and smiled. Louis smiled "Hello" he said, I smiled at him. Liam and Louis walked to the pools edge. With out hesitating i walked over to the boy with bluey green eyes and brown curly hair,Harry, he looked so cute, and the boy with blonde hair and light blue eyes "hey" he said, his sweet Irish acsent ringing in my ears,Niall. Harry looked at me "hey, are you gonna come in with us?" his husky voice sent chills down my spine, good chills. "of course i will" I said rasing my eyebrows. I looked a Zayn, He had dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He looked so fimiliar like some one i have meet before, it seemed like he was thinking the same thing. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed his hand at the same time as grabbing harrys. I pulled them to the pool and pushed them in they come back up laughing i smiled and returned to Niall grabbing his hand and pulling him in with me. I sat on the edge of the pool and looking around at everyone Louis was getting ready to do a bomb right next to Niall who was talking to Nicole who seemed back to normal. Liam and Zayn were floating around on blow up whales hitting each other with fake foam swords i laughed as Zayn hit Liam and he fell into the water. I noticed one boy was missing Harry. I looked around but couldnt find him before i knew it i was being pulled into the water by two hands. I opened my eyes under water to see it was harry he stuck his tounge out at me i stuck mine back at him. I resurfaced to get a breath and so did he. I looked around to see all the floaties were empty and no one was in the pool. I looked at Harry who shrugged his shoulders "They might be in the spa" I looked to the room where the spa was and the door was just open "I think they are" i laughed as i climbed up the ladder and walked to the door with Harry by my side. We both pushed open the door. Louis shouted which gave everyone a fright "You two decided to join" He smiled. I looked at the spa what was over flowing and had no room left i bit my lip. " Babe, you cant sit on my knee if you want. Harry you can sit on my other knee" i heard Louis say. Everyone chuckled as we both sat on Louis knee, you could bearly see his head. Nicole was sitting in between Niall and Liam. Everyone went silent. I looked around at everyone and they were all looking at me i could even fell Louis staring at me "What?" Harry was the first to reply "Why didnt you go fangirl on us?" he said pretty much suming up everyone questions "Because.....theres no point" Niall looked at me funny "What do you mean 'theres no point'" I smiled at him "Well you would go round to every normal girls screaming would you?" I smiled again, this time Louis muffled an answer "I would scream i would shout, Im not a girl" he said trying to sound serious. It didnt work everyone laughed "Are you sure about that Louis" Liam chuckled. When we all stopped laughing Zayn replyed properly "do mean your say you think of us as normal boys" he said trying to fit the pieces together. All there stares were bruning into me waiting for a reply "Yes i do" They all smiled and started to talk like normal. I turned so i could see Louis "are you ok there?" he winked at me "Yeap im fine love" but i knew that he wasnt so i got off anyway and stood in the middle. i noticed Harry had squezed into a spot next to Liam and Zayn so i sat on his knee he didnt mind. I heard Louis voice over the rest "So should we play truth or dare?" He looked around nodding at everyone. "yea why not" Liam said. Louis cheered "One recruit" everyone smiled next he looked at Zayn rased his eyebrow twice, Louis smiled "how bout you and Nicole" He said looking at me "ok" i winked at him. He knew that Niall and Harry would be in so he didnt ask them. "Whos going first" I smiled. Louis looked at everyone sqwintting his eyes "Niall, truth or dear?" He turned his head to Louis "Dear" All the boys made 'ohhh' noises then laughed. "I dear you to kiss.......Liam" I could see that Nicole felt releved that he didnt say her. Niall moved over to Liam and kissed him on the lips. everyone laughed as i yelled out "That is true bromance there" Louis had his hand over his mouth gasping, being a diddle. "truth or dear....Harry" Niall turned his head to Harry "Truth" everyone 'awwed' this time harry smiled "Is it true that you would go out with the front desk lady" he smiled Harry tryed to not laugh , so did everyone else "yes, yes i would" everyone started laughing. I turned to face Harry and pinched one of his cheeks lightly and truned back i felt him poke his finger into my rib and i sqwieled and fell onto Zayn "sorry" I smiled. He just laughed. I sat back on Harrys knee and gave him an evil look before returning to the game. "Truth or dear.....Nicole" Harry looked at her. She looked shocked but she replyed "Dear" she sqwintted a harry playfully "I dear you to kiss Pearl..on.the.lips" Louis looked at Nicole then at Me like it was life or death situation, but i knew he was playing around. I slowly got of Harrys knee and moved over to Nicole and kissed her then moved back. Liam looked at me funny "wasnt that awkward?" I laughed "No you should see us at partys.................did you feel awkward when you kissed Niall?" he looked at me eyebrows together "please, thats mine and Nialls signiture move" he said playfully, everyone laughed with him. Nicole whispered in Nialls ear and he laughed and nodded his head "do it" i heard him whisper. Oh no what is she gonna do now. "Liam truth or dear" he paused for a second "Truth" Niall suddenly burst into laughter we all looked at him confused. Nicole carried on "Is it true you think you have the biggest cock out of you boys" Nicole could help her self from giigling. Liam smiled "I dont think, I know i have the biggest" everyone laughed "Thats so not true i have the biggest" Louis said before cracking up. "Ok.Ok next person. Pearl truth or dear" i smiled "dear" i sqwintted my eyes at him "i dear you to hook up with Harry" Louis once again put his hand over his mouth. I looked at Nicole who had the look 'remember you have a boyfriend' on her face. I smiled "I would....but i cant sorry boys" they all groaned even Harry. Louis looked at me "why not?" he said weary. I looked at Nicole and we both smiled "Because im taken" they all gasped "really?" Louis said i smiled at him "really"

We stayed in there for a good hour or two just talking and playing games. "well im going to get out, because i dont want to be wrinkly" i explained. everyone agreed and got out. As me and Nicole where heading out the door Louis shouted out out "Arnt you gonna say bye?" I smiled and waited for them to come to us we gave each boy a hug. "yous are pretty cool" I said before we left "see you at your concert tomorrow" i yelled out.

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