blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


14. Wont be the same with out Pearl

Pearls P.O.V

The whole day we pretty much just stayed inside apart from when we went to the pool. It didnt feel the same with out the Boys here. But it was still fun. When we went back to our room to have showers and get changed i read the clock it was 6:30pm "you girls better get ready" I said pointing at the clock. They all rushed around for ages getting ready. I remembered that i still had Harrys hoodie. I wanted to get out of their way so i decided to take it down to their room. I knocked on the door. it opened after a while. There was a very pretty blonde Lady holding a beautiful baby girl "Hi. Whats up" She smiled at me. She was such a happy person "Harry left this at my room last night and i was just going to return it" She looked up at me and smiled with one eyebrow up "Ok, just put it over there" I walked over to a pile of clothes and dumped it on top. I turned back to The lady "Do you need any help?" I asked. She smiled "Sure. My names Lou by the way and this is my baby Lux" she said bouncing her baby up and down alittle making the baby giggle. I smiled "Im Pearl. So what are we looking for?" She turned to face me "Louis left his ear piece in last night and lost it, they sent me here to find it. They dont have any spare one ether because there gone too" I put my eyebrows up "Bloody Louis" we both laughed. I walked over to a pile of clothes on the ground i started digging my hands into it. I turned to Lou "What was he wearing last night after the concert?" She tapped her cheek "Um i think he wore a pair of um red skinny jeans and a woolen jersey" I looked around and saw lots of red jeans. "Well i guess it could be in the pockets of one of these jeans" I said looking at the jeans i placed over the couch. We both checked each pocket "Got it!" Lou said cheerfuly. I smiled at her "thats good" She laughed "yea, well thanks for your help" she said. I looked at the baby and smiled "Anytime" The baby giggled as i made a funny face. "I better go, they will be wondering when im coming" She rolled her eyes "Thanks again. Are you coming tonight?" I pushed my lips together "No not tonight" She half smiled "what about the signing?" I half smiled back "Maby..........Well i better let you go" She smiled and let me lead the way. She locked the door behind her "Seeya" She said holding up Luxs hand and waving it. I smiled "bye" I walked back into my room everyone was sitting on the couch having a quick snack of noodles before they left. Nicole came up to me "Harrys going to be sad that your not there" she smiled. Alicia butted in "Its not like he would notice you or us anyway" I laughed "you never know" we and Nicole smiled at each other and hugged "I might go to the signing" I half smiled. She held my face in her hands "you better. there at 11:00pm" I groaned "thats so late" This time Alice butted in "Can we go now" she moaned. Nicole giggled "ok, See you at the signing ill meet you some where" She smiled then left. What am i going to do all night. I put my purple skinnys and my black mullet top on again and headed to the bar.

Nicoles P.O.V

I knew it wasnt going to be the same with out Pearl but she had to have some time all by her self. We got to the concert, it was as full as it was yesterday. I started to walk to the front, but a hand tapped my shoulder "Where are you going" I turned to see Alicia and Alice looking at me funny "To the front. Why?" I tryed not to make them sound dumb "We only have tickets for the middle rows of seats" they explained. I sighed and grabbed their hands. I pulled them to the front, Right up by the stage. They both looked at me thankfully "Are we allowed here" Alice asked. I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders "Who cares" they both hugged me. It was nearly time for the concert to start this time they didnt have the count down, the Boys were lifted from under the stage, through a cloud of smoke. The music was the drummers drum roll. All the girls were quiet for once but then.......... They popped up on stage, Then everyone went nuts. I could see Harry and Niall look straight to the front of the stage with the other boys helping, trying to find us...... I smiled and did a little wave which got there attention. Alicia looked at me and scoffed "You no they wont notice you" I turn to her with a smile on my face "like Pearl said you never know. Watch" I turned back to the stage and waved at Niall. Both Alicia and Alice were watching i could hear them giggle as if i was crazy. Niall smiled and blew a kiss back. I felt the butterflies erupt in my tummy before I turned round again, to see both their eyes wide and their jaws dropped. I laughed at them and truned back. Harry looked at me confused, then he mouthed 'Wheres Pearl' I frowned alittle then replyed back lip sysnicing 'Shes to sad' He nodded sadly then returned back to what he was doing, The whole time i could tell he was putting on a fake smile, no one noticed but me.

Pearls P.O.V

I got to the bar and sat down with a thump which made the bar man turn around. He was a tall, buff looking man, He had dark skin, a maori. He was proberly just abit older than me. He had a apron with a tux underneth "What would you like?" His voice was very kiwi "could i have a sex on the beach" I smiled. He smiled back "sure wont be long" He went over to where all the drinks were stacked up on shelves. He bent down and pulled out a cocktail glass. He shook a mixture of drinks in a silver bottle then poured it into the glass. He walked back to me "That was quick" I said with a giggle before taking a sip. I could taste the alcohol just the way i like it. I smiled "this is really good" The bar man smiled and winked "I do the best they say" I bit my lip "Im sure you do" I turned on my stool and left the room. I walked back up to my room with my drink and sat on the couch before bursting into laughter, then i went silent 'Jordan would of been watching me the whole time if he was here, My protective brother' I half smiled I knew they will always be there for me...... Their in my heart. I held my drink up and looked out the widow into the stars "Cheers to my favourite boys" I told myself. A tear ran down my cheek but i smiled and skulled my drink down. I felt egsuasted i dont even know why, proberbly from Alicia and Alice staring at me. I slid down so i was on my back looking up at the roof. I could feel my eyelids grow heaviy, then they closed and i was asleep. I woke up to my phone going mad in my pocket. I pulled it to my face the, the light burning my eyes. I had 7 messages all from Nicole;

'where are you?' 'hurry up' 'the signing will be on in 20 minutes!' 'txt back' 'Oi!' 'Pearl!!!' 'you have 10 minutes!'

I jumped of the couch and ran to the bathroom i didnt look to bad. I just wiped way a smudged bit of masscara. I stopped when I walked past the sidetable. On it was a picture of my brothers and the other one of my whole family. I just grabbed my brothers and ran out locking the door behind me. I ran out to the street. Lots of cars were driving past. I waved my hand in the air, a taxi pulled up next to me. I quickly jumped in and closed the door "To the concert" I puffed before the driver could ask. He stopped at the entrence. I ran into the concert, It was just finishing. My phone went off, Nicole 'where are you?' I quickly pushed the buttons 'by the entrence' I sent it and waited. Afew minutes after Nicole sqweased out of the crowd of girls and ran to me. She stopped, puffing " doing...that again" she panted. I giggled at her "so wheres the signing?" She looked up at me just catching her breath, she breathed out deeply "Just over there. We have to hurry to be the first there?" before i could say anything she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the spot she had pointed to earlier. We got to the line of girls, it wasnt too long. I held the picture in my hand. Nicole looked down at my hand then at my face "Whats that?" I half smiled "My brothers. I flipped the picture over. It was the Night of the end of school ball ages ago, they both looked handsome. She smiled at the picture "I remember this, That was when they went together and got totaly wasted after and we had to look after them" I chuckled at what Nicole just said. I noticed Nicole turned round to face the 5 chairs behind a long desk. I looked down then back up to see five boys walk out and sit in their individual seat. The line started to move and the chatting got more intense. We were nearly at the front only five more girls to go. I stood in fron of Liam. I dont think he noticed me at first "Liam, Liammm. Liam!" His head snapped up from the cd he was signing "Oh hey sorry i didnt notice you" I smiled and shook my head then handed him the picture. He froze for a second, I think Harry told them about the acceident. He signed his name then a heart, in the heart was R.I.P "Im sorry to hear about them" He looked down. I gave him a sad half smile then moved to Louis who had just resived a carrot from the last chick. I laughed, He looked up "I would notice that laugh anywhere" he smiled "Im sorry for your loss" He signed the picture then also wrote R.I.P. I sighed and moved on to Niall. As soon as he saw me he made a puppy dog face "Im sorry" I made one back then handed him the picture but this time he wrote 'rest in peace' I could feel the tears building up. I moved to Zayn he also apologised for my lost and singed R.I.P. But he couldnt stop looking at the picture "These are your brothers right?" I nodded He frowned in confustion but decided he will tell me later. Last was Harry. I stood infront of him wiping away the few overflowing tears. I gave him the Picture. He signed his name then wrote 'Rest in peace brothers' I kept wiping away the tears. I decided I needed his comfort so i grabbed the picture and walked around the side of the table, He obviously knew what i was doing because he stood up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. He whispered in my ear "Its ok. Do you want to wait out the back with Lou and Lux?" I noddded my head which was against his chest. I felt more arms wrap around me. I pulled my head away from his chest and all the boys and Nicole were hugging us. All the other fan girls looked angry and jealous. I decided not to make them wait so i let go, grabbed Nicoles hand a went into a room out the back where Lou and baby Lux was.

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