blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


43. Who would do this

Pearls P.O.V

The restrant windows were fully smashed, there were little bits of jaggered glass left in the window sills. The glass in the door waas smashed just above the lock. Me and Nicole suddenly ran past the fire truck, police and ambulance, We walked up to the doors glass cracking with every foot step. All the tables and chairs were stacked up in the middle of the room covered in black soot, obviously they were lit on fire the truck must of put them out.

Someone was getting carried out on a streatcher, I watched as they took the lady past us, it was our cleaner. Nicole followed after them "Is she going to be ok" I heard the complete worry in her voice, "We are not sure ma'am" The male amblulance driver replys. Im frozen looking at the mess of what some selfish person has done. I move closer to the door, "Im sorry ma'am we cant let you in" The police officer explains as he puts his hand on my shouder.

As i nod to the police officer I notice a note on the door. I rip it off before going back to where Nicole was standing almost in tears. I hold the note in my hands, Nicole looks at me curiously, She moves closer to read the note;

Leave our boys alone

Sincerely Fans....

I screwed the note up and pulled out my phone, placing the note in my pocket. I scrolled through my contacts reaching the one I wanted, I pressed dial.

"Hello" I heard Harrys voice through the phone, I forse the lump in my throat back down, "Something bads happened to the restrant..." I tell him feeling as though my dreams have been shattered, "What?..Whats happened" He replys now i sence worry in his tone, "Just come see" I say sighing, "We'll be there soon love" He says before hanging up.

I turn to Nicole, her eyes teary, I step forward and wrap my arms around her "Our dream its gone" She whispers. "No dont think like that we can rebuild" I whisper back, "And wait for this to happen again, I dont think i can" She sniffs. I dont know what to say, what she said is so true.

Harry and the other ran over to us. The girls shocked and have their hands over their mouths, wide eyed. I let go of Nicole and wrapp my arms around Harry, I suddenly fell safe and relaxed. He tightens his grip "Im sorry about this" He whispers in my ear. I look over to Nicole in Niall arms, and the others close to each other. I pull the note out of my pocket and hand it to Harry....................


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