blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


36. White wine

Pearls P.O.V

Three tall-ish beautiful girls. One of them had blonde straight hair, She had a nice smile. The one next to her had good frizzy, mixture of dark and light brown hair. She had big brown eyes. The last one had dark brown wavy, silky hair, she has a really good figure "Hello Im Eleanor, this is Danielle and Perrie" she said in a sweet british acsent. Me and Nicole couldnt stop smiling, We have meet the three girls we have envyed and loved ever since we heard of them. I snapped out of my thoughts "Oh Hi im Pearl and this is NIcole, come in" I said still excited. "I love your acsent and House..... Wow" I heard Perrie say as we walked in. "Louis told me it was a nice wee house" Eleanor smiled. I walked them into the lounge, they went and sat down on the couch with Nicole. She looked so funny, she was so excited she looked uncomfortable.

I walked up behind the couch. "Would anyone like a drink of anything?" I asked. They all turned thier heads "Aww thats nice of you to ask but ill wait for tonight" Danielle winked at me. I smiled back. "If you have any.... White wine?" Perrie asked tilting her head and smiling. I smiled "Sure we do.......What about you Eleanor?" She smiled "Ill just have the same as Perrie please" I turned to walk off "What about me?" I heard Nicole ask. I turned back around and smiled "You can get your own" I walked off towards the kitchen, I heard the girls laughing.

I opened the cuboard and grabbed two wine glasses out and placed them on the bench. I walked into the pantry and faced the left wall that was full of wine bottles I traced my eyes along the shelves untill i came across the white wine. I pulled it out and took it into the kitchen and poured the wine in till the glass was half full. I walked back holding the glasses in on hand and the wine bottle in the other.

I watched the glasses as I made my way back to the Girls. I placed the wine bottle on the table along with the glasses. I wondered back to the kitchen and grabbed two normal glasses and a bottle of water. I went back and put them on the table too. "Thanks so much" Perrie smiled "Yeah thanks love" Eleanor smiled sipping and the wine. I sat down on a dinning table chair. we all talked about each other and our lives, By the end of the night it was like we were old mates. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket I pulled it out and read the screen, unknown number, I opened the messsage;

Harry: Hey love Harry here. Did you and the girls get along? We will be around shortly with a few people :) Be ready, see you soon xx

I smiled "How did Harry get my number?" Eleanor giggled "He told me when yous were looking around the house he went through Nicoles phone looking for it" She smiled, I heard Nicole whisper "So thats where it was". I smiled then stood up "Everyones gona be here soo so we really should get ready" I smiled. Dani, El and Perrie stood up "Just wait here and we will be back real soon" Danielle explained "Dont move" Perrie add then smiled as they walked out of the house.

I tapped my foot waiting for them, then i remembered I didnt text Harry back. I wewnt onto 'reply' and messaged;

Me: Hey Harry, The girls are lovely :) Ok well dont be too late x

I saved his number onto my phone, then got another message;

Harry: Just one 'x' :(

I smiled and put my phone in my pocket. Nicole stood up as the Girls came back in holding two dresses. They made their way over to us. I smiled and shock my head "You didnt have to do this" Perrie smiled "We didnt" I smiled I knew exsactly who did it "Im guessing it was the boys"

They all nodded the heads and smiled. "I was just gona wear sweat pants and a hoodie but i will have to wear the dress" I giggled. Eleanor handed me the black one. I smiled and held the dress up "It beautiful" I suddenly felt excited. "Harry told me you liked simple" Danielle smiled.

The dress was a tight one, The top half was frilly material, it was a boob tube. There was a ribbon that went just under my boobs and the bow was on my side. It looked lovely. I ran to the bath room to try it on. It took a little while because i didnt want to damage it. I walked back to the others. "Wow that looks so lovely on you" Eleanor smiled. "Dont forget about the shoes" Perrie said giving them to me. They were simple black high heels.

I turned so I could see my reflection in the mirror "omg this is wonderful" I smiled turning my body from side to side.

I noticed Nicole wasnt in the room then she came around the corner "Holy crap" I smiled staring at her.

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