blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


71. Welcome home Party

Pearls P.O.V

"SURPRISE!!!!!" Louis, Liam, Niall, Eleanor and danielle yelled as we walked in the door. Me and Nicole couldnt stop smiling. They had put all our furniture in the same place and cleaned the house, I was so surprised. Me and Nicole ran up to them having a group hug. "I cant thank you guys enough" Nicole said as we all still hugged, "Its like the best surprise I thought we would have to do it but thank god for you guys" Nicole explained, We all laughed........

I couldnt stop smiling until.........Harry walked in from the back sliding door, and holding his hand was a skinny, pretty blonde, Taylor. I could feel the anger build up, I looked to Nicole who was shocked and gave me a look like Why-did-he-bring-her-here, They made their way over to the group, I couldnt hold in much longer, "Yeah what a fucking surprise" I growled before crossing my arms, turning on my heels and stomping up stairs.....

Nicoles P.O.V

Why would he do this he obviously wasnt thinking. I turned to him and shook my head in dissapointment, before Me, Eleanor and Danielle. Ran up after her. I could hear the Boys talking, "I told you this wasnt a good idea" Niall tried to say quietly, "Im sorry I didnt know she was going to react like that" Harry said sadly, "Harry she likes you, its pretty obvious" Louis stated. I waited for them to say more but all i heard was Taylor snickering. I rolled my eyes and carried on.

I walked into the room, Pearl was sitting on her bed looking pretty angry, she wasnt crying or anything, just pissed off. Danielle and Eleanor were sitting beside her and trying to cheer her up. I closed the door behind me "and I was Just starting to like her song 22" I smiled trying to cheer her up. She giggled and shook her head. I sat down infront of her, Me and the girls kept making her laugh, which was good I hate it when my bestfriend is angry, it makes me angry.......

"Im sorry for being so rude, It really was a great surprise, its just when the second surprise came along......." Pearl said making a funny face, we all giggled, "No its ok, we know you liked it, and we told him not to bring her.......But he does care about you He just doesnt think before he acts" Danielle smiled at her, "Yeah and thats only been lately hes never like this" Eleanor added. "Hes.....well different, but Im sure he'll be really sorry, he thought you would be ok with it" Eleanor rubbed her arm. She smiled, "You really think so" Pearl sighed, "Positive" Danielle smiled back, Pearl sighed again before stretching her legs out, pushing me to the side playfully. "Well whens this Welcoming party gonna start" Pearl smiled suddenly happy, Me and the girls all laughed. "But if he brings her dont blame me for any damage" She said putting her hands up in defence. We all laughed, "Im not kidding" She added with a serious face that turned into a joking one, We all rolled our eyes and shook our heads at her. She was good at being so serious.

We heard a knock on the door, "Come in" I said as the door slowly opened, Its Liam and Niall. Pearl Smiled at them, "You ok Love?" Was the first thing Liam asked, Pearl nodded and stood up giving them both a hug "thanks for the great welcome, Im sorry for over reacting" She whispered to them, "No its not your fault" Niall smiled before coming and sitting next to me.......

Pearls P.O.V

Niall went and sat next to Nicole, and started repeativly kissing her, I rolled my eyes, him noticing. He lent over her so we couldnt see them and pretended to passionatly kissing her to be a dick, "Come on, not in my room!" I yelled making them stop and sit back up laughing. I gave them both a dirty look before We all left the room. I walked down stairs hoping he was still there so I could apologize, wait why do I want to apologize, he should apologize to me, I thought. But I did over react..................To be honest I just want mine and Harrys friendship back, I faced the fact. I got down stairs to see Harry and Louis on the couch No Paul or Taylor. I walked over to the couch and sat on the one that wasnt where Harry and Louis sat.

It was silent for a few minutes, Me and Harry awkwardly taking glimpses at each other. I lent forward and sighed "Im sorry.........for over reacting and I really did like what yous did for us" I said not looking up, "No its my fault I shouldnt of brought her here" His husky voice rain chills down my back like it use to do, a smile slowly grew on my face, but they couldnt see it. I looked up my blank expression back on my face. "Thats ok Love, We had fun doing it all" Louis smiled answering my 'thank you' and breaking the tension. "Ummm I was gona say, we should have a welcome home party?" I asked looking at Lou. "yeah sounds great" He smiled at me. I quickly looked at Harry who looked down, "You can bring Taylor" I whipered loud enough for them to hear, He looked up a little smile on his face. "You sure?" He asked, "Yes, but if you ask 'are you sure' again I might change my mind" I half smiled before standing up and walking over to the others who are in the kitchen. "So whats happening tonight?" Nicole asked me, every one looked at me, "Umm I guess have a few beers and take it easy" I smiled, everyone nodded and agreed, but Nicole who was shaking her head violently, "NO,NO,NO we have to have a big one!" She demanded, "Nicole we just got back from a 20 hour flight and I have jet lag and im tierd, I just want to relax" I explained. She groaned "Awwww but...." She said before i interupted, "No buts Nicole" I warned, "Ok mum" She groweled. Everyone laughed.

Once everyone had gone me and Nicole took our Bags up stairs and put all our clothes away, I left out a pair of sweat pants and a purple hoodie. Its not like its a big party. I slipped into the clothes and sat on my bed, Just as Nicole came in the room. She also had sweat pants, but a plain blue singlet. She sat next to me, "So did you and Harry sort it?" She smiled hopefully at me, "Mmmmm Kinda, but i said He could bring Taylor" I flinched hoping Nicole would go off at me, "Pearl thats the last thing you want, now your Nights going to be awkward" She explaineed, "Like i always say if you want it to be awkward...." Nicole continued ".....I know, I know, It will be awkward" She rolled her eyes, "Yeah" I said getting up and standing by the sliding door, "What a shit day" I groaned, "ae" Nicole replied.

I sat back down on the bed, "This all went so well" She smiled, "What did?" I asked curious, "You know.... pretending to move away, storing our things at a storage place, just everything" She smiled, "Thats right, hopefully now the fans realise how much it hurts the Boys for there friends to be chased away.....even tho they knew the whole time" I chuckled. Nicole laughed "Yeah suck thing is we actually sold the car to get money to 'leave'" She said doing the bunny ear thing with her fingers on 'Leave'. I smiled "Yeah and we're gona need one" I said falling onto my back, Nicole fell back next to me. "Whats on your mind" Nicole asked rolling over onto her stomach, "Nothing" I tried to sound as true as I could, "Pearl do I have to explain how long ive been your friend for and how I kno....", "Ok ok yes there is" I replied. She turned onto her side resting her head and her hand, "Well??!!" She egged me to tell, "Well, I feel so bad for being rude and i still like Harry" I said making a pounting face........"Oh shit, Im so deep into my problems, I forgot about Zayn and Perrie" I said jumping up and rumaging around fo my phone, also trying to change the subject. I dialed Zayns number and pressed call. It rang for awhile but Zayns Happy voice answered, "Hey!! Hows everything?" I asked, "Great great worked it out with Perrie, We're happy again" He said happier than ever, "Awww thats good to hear, Me and Nicole were thinking about having a few drinks for a welcoming gathering" I emphasized on the 'Gathering', making Nicole give me a funny look "A BIG PARTY!!!" she yelled out. Zayn laughed, "Its not a party its a gathering" I corrected Nicole. Before going back to Zayn, "So you wana come?" I asked again, "Of course I want to" I heard him and Perrie giggling, not at our conversation but something else, "Perrie, dont do it, ill get you" I heard his voice faintly, he must be talking away from the phone, the he burst out in Laughter. I held the phone away from my ear, recovering from the noise. "We'll be there, I have to go know, or Perrie will get away" I heard him chuckle,"Ok have fun, tata" I said before hanging up.

Nicole looked at me anxious. I gave her two thumbs up, "Yusss" She cheered, "Im glade to hear they worked it out" she smiled, "Yeah me too, Well should we got make some snacks for tonight or buy them????" I asked Nicole, "I actually cant be bothered cooking and buying it would be easier, plus we can have a sleep before" Nicole added, nodding and smiling trying to incourage me, "Yeah why not" i smiled. we both walked down stairs. I grabbed the door handle, "We dont have a car" I whipered, "What?" Nicole asked, "We dont have a car" I repeated laughing, "Man we're idiots" She laughed, I nodded.

we sat in the lounge for alittle "Sainsburys just down the road we could get an umbrella and quickly go there?" I asked Nicole, She smiled and stood up tierdly, grabbing and umbrella "Lets go before i fall asleep" She smiled walking out the door, "Yeah hold up we only have one umbrella" i said rushing out the door locking it behind me. I grabbed the handle of the umbrella aswell. We walked down the street dodging the puddles and trying not to get wet.we got into the store and ran up and down the isles, trying to find good dips, snacks and alcohol. We finally got to the right isle after asking one of the workers. We walked up to one of the counters. A young. golden, orange haired, skinny girl scanned the items, she looked up "that'll be....OMG......your.....your..Im so happy to met you" She studdered unbelieveblely, "Yeah, how much will that be?" Nicole asked, "I so envy you two, im so jealous, but i wont do anything bad to you....My brother told me so much about you" She grinned. We looked at her funny "Can we pay now" Nicole said getting impatient, "Wait whos your brother?" I asked, "well actually hes my half brother" she didnt stop smiling, it kinda freaked me out. "Yeah so whos your brother?" I asked again, "Ed....Ed Sheerans" She continued smiling, "Noooo" Me and Nicole said at the same time in disbeleif.   "It true" She nodded looking from me to Nicole, "So we'll pay and you get Ed to come to our welcome home gathering tonight ok" Nicole said teasingly, she did not believe her. Nicole handed over the money "I just touched money you just touched, Im gona ask to keep this" she said franticly, "what is wrong with this girl" Nicole lent over and whispered in my ear. I laughed. "can I get a picture?" she asked looking from me to Nicole quickly, "Yeah I guess" Nicole groaned, She rushed around the counter and pulled out her phone, Me and Nicole lent towards her and she snapped the picture. I sighed. "Lets go" Nicole said grabbing the bags and heading towards the door.

"So whats your Name?" I aked, "Amy, my names Amy" She said almost jumping. "Ok well Amy dont forget to tell Ed ok" I reminded her, "No I wont ill text him now" She smiled pulling out her phone. For some reason I did Believe her, maby it was the orange hair that tilted me in that direction. I shrugged to myself and got under the umbrella, as we walked off home......... 



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