blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


51. weeks later...

Just finishing work for the week felt so good I was getting sick of cleaning everything while the other staff sat around doing nothing. Me and Nicole Didnt take Vincents car again he had a tanty at us and kinda kicked us out for a few hours, but he felt bad so he let us back in.

Me and nicole wrote our times in our pay books and started the walk home, it only took atleast 20 minutes so it wasnt too bad, When we got home it was about 7pm, And there was a few cars parked out side the house, "I wonder whats going on" Nicole said curiously, I shrugged my shoulders. We got inside the house, A bunch of Vincents friends where there, girls and guys already half drunk, people stumbling around. I rolled my eyes and walked to my room changing into skinny jeans and a hoody. I walked back out to have a look around. Most of the boys I knew, I only knew 3 girls at the mini party, Leons old girlfrined and her bitches. She gave me a dirty look, I gave her the evils, She started walking towards me , I rolled my eyes knowing she was drunk and didnt know what she was upto, Vincent got to me before she did, "Why are they here" I asked pointing to the three girls. He shrugged his shoulders and managed to mumble out "Because thier hot", I shook my head "Not good enough Vinny" I smiled at him, "Be safe boy you dont want to be catching and diseases" I winked at him, before he stumbled off.

"W-what youuu looking at biitch, huh!" The blonde bitch infront of me snapped out, I gave her a funny looked "whatever" I said before turning around to walk off, She grabbed my arm, I pulled it out of her grip. She laughed "Yoouurr as.....uglly as your brother" She slured out. I stood still for a second, She she gave me a Thats-right-bitch smile.

I heard someone coming up behind me and put there hand on my shoulder "Bitch please" I heard Nicole say as she grabbed the girl by her hair and dragged her to the door "This is where you belong you mutt!" Nicole spat at her, She turned to me and we both smiled at eachother, before heading back to the room.

I sat on the bed on nicoles laptop checking over twitter to see whats been going on with everything, lots of tweets from fans to us 'They must be scared of us', 'The boy miss yous', 'We finally got rid of you' I kept scrolling down the numerous amouts of tweets, "Holy shit Im craving some Mc Donalds like really bad" Nicole smiled, I shook my head "Well it open 24 hours so we could go if you really want" I smiled, She nodded her head and got off the bed and walked out of the room. i shut down the laptop and followed after her, She went to the kitchen and grabbed Vincents car keys, "I dont think thats a good idea" I shook my head, She smiled "I dont think he'll notice she said pointing to him passed out on the couch, I smiled and she threw the keys to me.

We got in the car and drove off down the road quietly listening to the radio, We got about 10 minutes down the street and we saw someone lying on the foot path, We slowed down as we got closer, I wound down my window "Hey are you ok" I asked worried, The body didnt move, I got closer, Nicole gt out of the car and came over with me, I nudged the body, then pushed it gently over, It was the blonde chick that we kicked out, She had cuts on her face and her clothes were ripped, There was blood coming from her side "Call the ambulance now" I said holding my phone out to Nicole, I felt her pulse she was still alive.........."Hello we have a lady on the fot path who is bleeding from her side and is unconscious we need and ambulance now"...I heard nicole say into the phone.

IThe Medics got there pretty quick and took her to the hospital, "Well yo dont see that everyday" Nicole exclamed, I shook my head not at all. We got to Maccas And decide to go through the drive through, "Hi may I take your order" the person on the mic said, "Um yeah We'll have 2 medium cheese burger combos and........." I turned to Nicole "Anything else" I asked, She smiled "3 extra cheese burgers", I gave her a funny look "Why the fuck do you want 3 more burgers when your getting one in your combo" I explained, "Because im craving...", "You dont need them" I said, "Just get me the damn burgers" She argued, "no, are you paying for this shit, I dont think so, so ill make the choice" I explained, "Im getting them she said half smiling. She lent closer to me, I started to wind up my window smiling, she took her seat belt off and grabbed my hand, leaning on me so I couldnt move "AND CAN WE HAVE 3 EXTRA BURGERS!!!" She yelled out to the speaker, "Is that all" The voice said, "Yup!" she yelled, "That comes to $25.63". She finally got off me "Told you im getting those burgers" she smiled, Ishook my head and smiled, "Your an egg" I smiled, We payed for it all then drove home. We went straight to the room to, Noone was around. I opened the door to my room "What the fuck" I heard Nicole whisper behind me.

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