blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


24. Water fight

Pearls P.O.V

Time flew by. They tryed Skyping us every night or we would try to Skype them. It was getting much closer to christmas, Me and Nicole were getting really excited to move and live in London. Zayn would make the Boys leave to do something just so he could talk about it to us. Its been so long since weve seen them in person, maby about 10 months.

When it came to the time we only had a week left. We had saved up enough money to go clothes shopping. I changed into my black high waisted shorts and a singlet with a cat on it. I didnt put much makeup on just masscara and eye liner, and left my hair out and curly. I walked to the kitchen to get a drink of lemonade. It was getting pretty hot. I stood by the door tapping my foot with folded arms "HURRY UP NICOLE!" I yelled up the hall. She came out wearing blue high waisted shorts and a singlet with pictures of different food. I rolled my eyes "Of course you have food on it" She gave me the evils "Of course yours has a cat on it" I frowned then looked down at my singlet "Hey thats funny" I said surprised then chuckled. We made our way out to the car and got in. I was driving "where to?" I said half smiling to Nicole, i didnt really like shopping but since were going to leave might as well get something new. Nicole tilted her head "hmmm Jay Jays?" I nodded, this was my favourite.

When we pulled up to the mall it was really full. I could hardly find a car park. I drove in circles till i noticed a handy cap parking "Your retarded" I giggled to Nicole. She frowned. I didnt park there. Someone pulled out of a park spot so i parked there. We hoped out and I locked the car. As so as we walked through the doors. All we could see were lots and lots of hot guys.

We smiled at the ones that looked at us. I decided i wanted to go to Factrie first, Where I got a pair of fat pants and a pair of light green skinnys. Nicole got a light blue hoodie that had 'London girl' on it and she got a black mullet singlet. The next shop we went to was Jay Jays. From there i got 4 t-shirts and a purple hoodie that had 'I Love NZ' on it. After that we had lunch. I got Butter chicken and Nicole got a cheeseburger and a small drink, she wasnt hungry.

When we finished that i couldnt be stuffed shopping anymore so went back to the car and sat there for about 10 minutes while Nicole went and got something else. I turned the radio on and guess who was on.... One Direction 'Gotta Be You'....... I smiled and turned it up a bit louder. I watched as all the Boys walked past in singlets showing their sexy bodies. I saw a group just coming out of the mall. I looked closer. It was Leon and Jordans mates, I looked even closer then lent back in my seat and scoffed. On the end of the group was Josh. They walked past the car some of the boys looking in and smiling. Josh looked in. I rolled my eyes and gave him the evils. He looked at me in discust. I mouthed 'Keep walking'

When Nicole came back out she had 3 more bags full of clothes. I shook my head in surprise. She opened the back door and chucked them in before joining me in the front, She sighed "Those are heavey" She smiled.

When we got back home. We both took our stuff to our rooms. I walked into the lounge where Nicole was with the laptop. I saw she was on Skype "Nicole their not going to be on till about 8 tonight" I giggled. She rolled her eyes "Im going to have a shower" She walked of to the bathroom, Before closing the door she yelled out "I HATE TIME DIRRERENCES!"

I went to my room and pulled out everything from the bags and put it in my draws. I looked at a piece of paper on my desk. It was the amount of money we had. I sorted them in to groups the other day;

Spending: $400






I looked at the list and smiled then crossed off 'shopping:$200' I walked back to the lounge and flicked the T.V on, then turned it to music "No more shit T.V" I let out a relaxed sigh. Nicole was in the shower for ages. She came out still in her towel and sat next to me "is it nearly time to Skype". I looked at the clock it was 7:30pm. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders "Yeah" She ran off and grabbed the laptop and threw it to me then she ran off to get changed. I rolled my eyes and brought the laptop up to the dinning table with me. I placed it on the table flipped it open and clicked on skype. They were online, I clicked Harrys name and the video popped up "Hello" a fimiliar husky voice said. A huge smile apeared on my face "Hey Harry"

The other wernt there with him. I shrugged my shoulders and got off the seat "I have to make dinner, but i will still talk to you" I explained as i made my way to the kitchen and pulled out ingredients. I heard Nicole walk into the room. She looked at the laptop screen "Hey Harry. Wheres Niall?" I heard him chuckle "Hes still asleep" Nicole made a pouting face "ohk"

I looked at her "You can help with dinner, im making chicken pasta salad" I said proudly. She sighed "ok"

While we were making it Harry asked lots of questions and i answered them. He pretty much knew me by now, I already knew alomst everything about him. I had to mix the chicken into the pasta, and of course Nicole being a sexual person comes up behind me and grabs my hands and helps me ster it. Moving her hips. We both sarted cracking up, so did Harry.

I put my hand in bowl of flour, and the other in water. I held the flour hand up ready to blow it all over her, She was facing the other way. I looked to the laptop Harry smiled and nodded. I tapped her shoulder, she turned around. I quickly flicked the water in her face and then blew the flour. She gasped then sqwintted at me "Ill get you back.....NOW I HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER SHOWER" she yelled walking away.

Me and Harry couldnt hold back the laughter. I continued cooking and answering Harrys questions. When i finsihed i didnt really feel like eating it yet so i put it in the fridge. I went and sat at the dinning table, By now Niall and Zayn were in the kitchen. I smiled "Hi Zayn, Hi Niall" They both turned round and waved then walked to the laptop. We all talked about lots of things mainly food. I couldnt hear Nicole russeling around anymore. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. I could hear Niall giggling. I tilted my head "What?" He shook his head and kept giggling. I rolled my eyes, then suddenly i felt water run down my head past my face and all over my body. I stood up in shock and turned to see Nicole with i huge grin on her face and a cup in her hand "Told you i would get you back" I gave her the evils "If i was you i would run" I said seriously but funly. She ran out side.

I looked into the camera "Sorry about this but i will be be back shortly" I explaind to them, then ran out into the pitch black. I ran of the deck to be sprayed with the hose, it was frezing. I screamed and ran to NIcole. I ripped the hose off her and sprayed her back. We had a water fight for about 10 minutes, by now we were in our undies and bra. We walked back into the house laughing with each others arm over our shoulders. We walked back to the camera. All the Boys were there now Laughing. We were soaking wet. I smiled at the them "Sorry about that" They all shrugged their shoulders and laughed. We talked to them while drying our selves. I looked at the clock it was 12pm. I half smiled "Im going to bed now" The Boys groaned, Harry made a puppy face. I rolled my eyes at them then chuckled "Goodnight love you all" I blew them a kiss and left the room.

I pulled back the blankets and crawled into bed. Not long after i fell asleep smiling.

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