blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


44. Walking out

Nicoles P.O.V

As i watch the last of our furniture being moved out of our house a tear formed in my eye, "Its time to go" Pearl whispers loud enough for me to hear, a tone of sadness in her voice.

We sold our car so we had to catch a taxi. When we arrived at the airport our flight is going to take off in 15 minutes so we get a coffee from starbucks. As we sit at the table a voice comes over the intercom "flight 916 to Gold Coast, will be boarding in 5 minutes thank you". I give Nicole a half smile as we stand and make our way to the gates in silence.

Pearls P.O.V

When were on the plane just before we take off i check my phone 10 missed calls and 13 messages all from the Boys. I sigh and turn my phone off not checking any of them. The flashing light come up at the front to put our belts on, an echo of clicks go around the plane.

Im at a window seat but under the wing so I cant see much, not like im going to anyway. They start the plane and we head up the runway, sinking into my seat. When were up in the sky the movie comes on Magic Mike, Me and Nicole watched it at the movies in our home town.

Nicole turns to face me "It feels good to get out of all the madness" she says happy but looking sad. I give her a half smile then turn my head to the other side and fall asleep.

Im woken by Nicole shaking my shoulder "Pearl, Pearl we have to get off now" She says as I slowly open my eyes.

When were out of the Gold Coast airport we decide to go and chill at a cafe and talk.

I sigh as I sit down "Hope the Boys are doing ok" I say looking down at my hands, "Pearl you have to forget about them now, we left and were not coming back, we dont want this to happen to us again its too much.............Its better to stay away" She sadly whispers the last part of her sentence.

I look down realization hitting me head on in the gut, Im going to miss them so much. I place my face in my hands holding back the lump in my throat wanting me to burst into tears. I shake it off and grab a magazine from the little rack next to us.

I turn a few pages...... And bam right there are pictures of the Boys coming into our house, on the right of it me and Nicole on the belcony and a few sneaky shots of the party. The big headlines read 'Mystery Girls, Who Are They?'. Rolling my eyes I close the book and put it back.

We sit around using the free wifi in the cafe for ages, We decide we should head back to catch the plane home, Its going to be a long trip.

We both havent said much to each other since we left, what seemed like home.

Our flight gets called over the intercome and we head to the gates and board the plane. While were flying I look out the window think of the funny times we had with them in such a short time, A full smile shows up on my face for the first time today.

I fell so sleepy, I notice Nicoles already asleep. I grab the blanket the air hostess gave me and pull it up so its covering my shoulders. I put my seat back abit and fall into a graceful sleep.

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