blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


13. Visitors

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up, rolling over just noticing Harry wasnt there. He must of left to get ready. I climbed out of bed and went straight to the toilet. I looked in the mirror and pulled my brush through my knotty hair. I had bags under my eyes and they were red from all the crying. I walked to the kitchen feeling home sick or maby just from finding out the news about my brothers. I grabbed a bowl and the box of coco pops. I filled the bowl to the top, i eat alot. then poured the milk in. I walked to the couch and turned the t.v on quickly skipping past the news, I left it in music top 10. I sat there eating my breakfast, when i hear a knock on the door. I couldnt be stuffed getting up "come in!" the door slowly opened and two blonde haired girls walked in. They were both skinny, short girls. But they werent sluty, they both had grey jeans and mullet tops on both different colour. "Hey i was just wondering if this is the room Nicole Smiths staying in?" I smiled "yeap this is it, but shes still asleep. Come sit down if you want?" They hesitated, then smiled awlwardly and sat down "Well my names Alicia and this is my twin Alice" She said pointing to Alice, who waved. I smiled trying to act as happy as i could "Im Pearl. Nice to meet you" They both smiled creeply "So your Pearl. Nicole always talks about you. Its nice to finially meet you" Alicia said happily, With a little tone of jealousy. I noticed it and put one eyebrow up "So what are you here for, apart from seeing Nicole?" I asked to stop them from staring at me "Were going to come to the concert with yous tonight" they said with huge grins on their faces "oh great" i muttered under my breath then faked a smile. They both still stared at me "What?" they both were curious "Oh nothing i just said i might not come" I said looking away from them. I could see in the corner of my eye them looking at each other with huge grins on their faces, like they were releved i wasnt going. I turned back to them but didnt say anything. All three of us just sat there not saying anything, But I could tell by theirs eyes they wanted to ask so much, but they didnt, they just stared. I started to feel un-comfortable. I couldnt take it anymore. I got up and walked into Nicoles room. The cutains were still shut and she was fast asleep. I walked around to the side were Nicole was sleeping on. I reached my hand out and slaped her lightly on the cheek she didnt even move. I went for a more bouncy aproach. I placed my hands on her stomach and pushed up and down so she was bouncing on the bed. I heard her groaned then she pushed my hands away and rolled over "Nicole get up, You have visitors, Alicia and Alic..........." I couldnt finish because as soon as i mentioned their names she jumped out of bed and ran into the lounge in just undies and a bra. I walked behind her. I got in there and they all were hugging and chatting about 'Its been so long' or 'Ive missed you' 'hows it going' I walked over to my bed and pulled back the blankets, so i could make it. I pulled the blankets down on the side Harry was on, under them was a purple hoodie, across the front it had 'Jack Wills' I looked at it twice then thounght back to last night. Yeap this was deffantly his hoodie. I grabbed it and held it in my hands "omg, You have the same hoddie as Harry Styles!" I looked over to see Alice pointing at me "Um yeah i do" i tryed to make it sound real. Nicole looked at me funny "Can i talk to you in the room for a second?" she said with a cheeky smile on her face. I nodded. We both walked into the room and closed the door "Where did you get that?" She looked at me then at the hoodie. I paused then smiled at the thought of having him around "He stayed last night, he must of left it" I said trying not to act to excited. She looked at me with wide eyes. I knew what she was getting at "NO! i didnt do anything with him, he just slept with me, ok. we didnt do anything" She looked at me and smiled "i wonder if he wrote anything on twitter" Nicole pulled out her phone, she gasped, covered her mouth and smiled. She turned the phone to me it had

@Harry_Styles: Had the best night last night. Had a few drinks with Pearl. Love you xx

I smiled "Love you too" I said laughing. Nicole smiled at me and giggled "But look at the comments" I scrolled down. There were some hate but most good.

"I checked out her profile. She seems lovely"

"Naww Harry. Cutie"

"got yourself a girlfriend :)"

"She not even you type or pretty why are you hanging out with her?"

I laughed at the comments. But then i realised I had forgotten all about my brothers. My stomach started to hurt but I breathed in deeply 'I can cry when i see them tomorrow' "I dont think i want to come to the concert tonight" I sighed. Nicole shook her head "Well im not going then" I looked at her "Yes you are your going with Alicia and Alice" I said seriously. She shook her head again "but......" I stopped her "your not going to miss this because of me. So your going and thats that" We both walked back into the the lounge.

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