blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


47. Visit and a coffee or not

Pearls P.O.V

Next day......................

I got up around 8am I woke Nicole up as I got out of bed. We got up and had cornflakes for breakfast before heading out to the bus stop, We were going to go visit my mum and Karly in Nelson.

We climbed onto the packed bus, It smelt so bad; like beo and shit. Ive always hated using the bus, I could tell Nicole noticed it because she frowned as she walked down the isle. I sat by the window so I could have fresh air, Nicole lifted her top up to her nose.

The ride wasnt long about an hour. We got dropped off just down the road, My mum is pretty, well rich. All the house along the road are ether massive 2 storie or mansions. We got to the iron gate, "I havnt been here in so long" Nicole whispered, "ha same here" I said smiling at her.

I stood at the gate looking it up and down, there is no handle of any sort, I stepped forward and pushed on the gate. It didnt open, Me and Nicole looked at eachother puzzled. I looked on ether side of the gate, "maby theres a control panel or something" I said pulling the hedges back, I found it, Not knowing what buttons to push I just pushed anyone, I watched the gate at the same time. That didnt do anything, I pushed another one, I turned my head to Nicole as the red light on the panel started flashing, next to it in small print was the word Alarm.

I stepped back to Nicole as the red light flashed faster, suddenly the house alarm went off, it was so loud. Me and Nicole covered our ears and started walking down the street hoping noone saw us, it would be shame, We got to the end of the street, Nicole let out a sigh "I want to go home, this place is so fustrating" She said, "Do you want me to call a cab or take the bus?" I said half smiling, "I want to go back home in London" She said sadish, "You miss Niall dont you?" I said, She nodded as a tear ran down her face, I wiped it away "Lets go back to Vincents" I said pulling out my phone, I called the taxi people and in about 10 minutes the taxi pulled up. "Where you heading to" The taxi driver asked, "Im not sure what street it is so just drop us off in Motueka somewhere" I smiled. 



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