blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


25. Vincents house

Pearls P.O.V

Day before leaving................. I woke up to Nicole whispering in my face. I sat up in fright. I looked at her angrily "What the hell are you doing in my face?" Nicole sat back and smiled "we have to get our stuff ready the movers will be here at 12:30!" I groaned then got out of bed. I pulled a pair of blue skinny jeans on, followed by a white singlet. I walked into the lounge to see Nicole already got her stuff sorted. I rolled my eyes and piveted round back to my room. I pulled out my suit case and shoved all my clothes in it. I tryed zipping it up but there was too much stuff in it. I groaned and flodded onto the bed. I lay there for a few minutes before sitting back up and walking to the hallway cuboard.

I grabbed the one last suit case and wondered back to my room. I threw the bag on the bed and pulled out some of my clothes from the other bag and shoved it into the other one. I pulled the suit cases down the hallway to the lounge and placed it next to NIcoles. I sat down on the couch "I cant be stuffed with this" I groaned still tierd. Nicole rolled her eyes and pulled my arm, so i was standing "We have to get it done today, actually in about 3 hours" She said seriously.

The first hour went slowly as we pulled down picture and got toiletrys etc and tryed pushing them into the suit cases.

The second hour was a bit faster As we moved the furniture to the lounge to make it easier for the movers to take it back to the rentals. We had a short break. We sat out on the deck in the sun. There was a cool brezze, it felt like i was breathing in dry ice. We finished our drinks and went back to clean for the last hour.

When the truck arived so did the land lord. As the men moved everything out we talked to the land lord and handed her the keys. We grabbed our bags and put them in the back of the car. As we drove off for the last time i waved to the house and the memories. We stopped outside a plain white house. I hoped out and grabbed my tooth brush and hair brush out of my bag, so did Nicole. Then we walked to the door and knocked. The door opened and a very handsome boy stood infront of us. It was Vincent. He welcomed us in. We were staying for the night.

The whole night I watched T.V, while Nicole and Vincent kissed and cuddled. I need Harry around. I stood up "Im going to bed ok, where am i sleeping?" I asked. Vincent looked up at me "down the hall and to the left your in the spare room"

I smiled "Thanks"

I found my way to the room and opened the door. The room was a light blue colour. I the bed was a double with black and white blankets. I walked to the bed and pulled back the blankets. I crawled in and sunk into the mattress it was so comfortable.

I looked up at the roof and smiled 'cant wait to see you Harry' I thought. Just as i was falling asleep I heard the head board of the bed next door thumping against the wall along with moaning and 'harder'

I groaned and put the pillow over my head. It took me ages to go to sleep, but i finally did.

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