blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


38. Too Drunk :P

Pearls P.O.V

When I got there Liam and Harry were sitting on the bar stools, Harry with a drink in his hand. He smiled at me and stood up "Hey love" He said hugging me, "Hey, Hey Liam" I replied kissing Harry on the cheek. We stared into each others eyes for ages. Liam cleared his throat "I wonder when the others are going to be back" He said changing the atmusphere. "Yeah where is everyone, they were here 10 minutes ago" I smiled leaning on the wall. Harry sat back down on the stool "They went down the road to get a few kegs" He smiled.

"We are going to get so wasted" I heard Nicole say as her and Niall walked down stairs. "Theres the fuck buddies" I smiled as they got closer. Harry whispered something to Niall then he shook his head. I sqwintted my eyes then forgot about it.

I went to the fridge and pulled out a London gold beer. As i popped the cap there was a knock at the door. "Nicole get the door" I yelled. "I will" Harry yelled back. I walked around the corner just as everyone was walking in the door my eyes widened.

Ed Sheeran, Ben Devine, Olly Murs, Sean, Danny and Ant Riach. My mouth dropped as they brought in the huge kegs. Harry showed them where to put them and the bathroom. When they got back Harry introduced them to us. "Guys this is Nicole and Pearl" he said. Me and Nicole shook all their hands and said hello. I went over to the stereo and turned it on. The music vibrated the room, but everyone liked it.

I went outside to see what Nicole and Niall were doing. They were looking at towards the road. I heard a loud booming noise as a bus pulled up outside the house. I saw a group of people pile out and walk towards the house. I could just make out Louis, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor at the back. I went back inside to see the house now full of people. i walked over to Louis and Zayn, I gave them a hug and said hello to the girls.

As the night went on and everyone was dancing and getting pretty drunk me and Harry sat out on the deck laughing and joking around. I smiled as he told me about his X-factor days, and i didnt want to be rude but i already knew about pretty much everything he said but i still listened. I drunk the last bit of my second beer. Harry looked up at the stars then at me "Im gona be straight up" He said smiling at me "Go for it" I smiled back. "Well...I really like you" He said shying away. I put my hand on his "I really like you too, but i dont want a relationship im still morning over my brothers death, but i would like to have a guy that will be there for me" I smiled resting my head on his shoulder, He put his head on mine "Always" he whispered.

After a little I stood up "you want other drink?" i asked. He stood up and walked to me "Why dont we go inside and party it up" He smiled. "Good idea". As we went inside I could see that Ed had his guitar out, a group of girls were dancing around trying to impress a group of good looking boys. Liam and Danielle were chatting, Louis and Eleanor were dancing and didnt have a clue where Zayn and Perrie were, but to be honest I didnt want to know ether. I could just see Nicole outside sitting in a circle, most likely passing around a joint, but i couldnt find Niall.

I decide it was time to get drunk, so i grabbed a beer and chugged it back then another and another, then a few vodka shots found there way to me, And i was partying. I grabbed some guys hand, I didnt even know who he was but i started to dance with him. I could feel his hands all over me. I stopped and paused for a bit. Shouldnt I be dancing with Harry not this guy I thought to myself.

I walked away from this guy and found Harry, I thought I was pretty drunk, but no Harry was worse. He was crawling along the floor trying to find his phone which I could see was in his back pocket. I went behind him and pulled out his phone "Is this what your looking for" I smiled. He nodded then grabbed it off me "WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS IV BEEN LOOKING FOR IT EVERYWHERE" He yelled, "It was in your back pocket" I giggled. He smiled "NO YOU HAD IT THE WHOLE TIME". I smiled and shook my head "Ok then Harry" I said pushing the phone into his chest gently "Dont lose it again" I winked and walked off.

I wanted to meet some new people so I went over to Ed. He smiled at me as I aproached him "Hey, im such a big fan...............having a good night?" I asked him. "Thanks you.Yes its great, So your Harrys girlfriend right?" He said winking at me, "No, no just friends" I corrected him. He smiled "Ok.......I love this house" He said looking around in amayzement. "Thanks, I bet yours is alot bigger tho" I smiled. We talked about our families and other things. We started to form a little group of people just chatting and getting to know each other. As I was talking to the two bothers Josh and Ben, I felt a big warm hand gently move up my leg. I knew who it was..... Harry. I pushed his hand away making sure Josh or Ben didnt see. I just kept carrying on with the conversation. I felt his hand move right up to my butt and pull my dress up alittle. I pulled it back down and slapped hius had away. Josh and Ben looked at me funny "Are you ok" Josh asked. "Would you excuse me for a minute" I said nicely to josh and Ben "thats fine" They smiled. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ASS!" I yelled annoyed. Everyone stopped and looked at me and Harry, Harry looking so insistent "What did i do?". I plam faced myself.

"LOUIS!!!" I yelled over the music. I could see him pushing through the people with Eleanor holding onto his hand "Yes love" He said smiling "Could you help me get Harry to bed" I said smiling. I turned around and grabbed harrys hand "Come on its bed time" I smiled, He made a puppy face "aww but everyones still here" He explained.

Eleanor decided to hang with Danielle and Liam for now. Me and Louis dragged Harry upstairs and into my room "Where are you going to sleep?" Louis asked me "I dont mind, but we will try and fit as many people as we can in mine and Nicoles room" I said pulling the blankets back for Harry. Louis helped Harry get undressed and calm him down so he would get into bed. I grabbed the bottle that was next to my bed and filled it up in the bathroom. I screwed the lid back on the walked back out.

To see Louis and Harry asleep on the bed. I put the bottle on the bed side table and walked out of the room and down to Liam,Danielle and Eleanor. "Sorry eleanor but louis asleep up in my room with Harry" I smiled, We all giggled.

2 hours later.................

Mostly everyone was gone apart from the group outside in the circle. I went over to the stereo and turned it off, I turned to face the girls and Liam "If yous want you and crash here for the night.....It seems like most people are" i said looking at everyone sleeping. "That would be great love" Liam replied "Ill just go sleep with Louis and Harry" Liam said getting up "are you sure you dont want to sleep with soberish people" I smiled. He smiled and shook his head "No its fine im use to it" He said turning around "Good Night" He said walking up stairs, "Dont you mean good morning" Eleanor yelled after him then giggled to herself.

"You two can sleep in Nicoles room I dont think she will be going to sleep anytime soon" I said pointing out to where she was. They smiled then headed up stairs.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a big plastic bag out of the cuboard and started to clean up abit. I started to clean the lounge area. I sat down in a space on the couch and exsamened the room "oh my god' I whispered to myself. I rested my head on the couch and fell asleep.

Nicoles P.O.V

What a good time I was Having with this group of people I dont even know. I looked around trying to see if anyone was here still but I couldnt open my eyes wide enough to see clearly... I was soooo stoned.

They passed the joint around the circle again, i went to inhail the smoke but someone took it out of my hand before i could. "Thats enough Nicole" A sweet irish voice said just before I passed out.

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