blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


32. Time to go

Nicoles P.O.V

I was starting to feel a bit sick. I shuffled alittle. Then ran to the bathroom. Pearl running after me. When I got in there I went straight to the toilet and threw up everything. Pearls got to me and held my hair back. I could feel her rubbing my back "Let it all out" I heard her say. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my mouth before standing up "I think we should go home now" I said holding my stomach. Pearl giggled "Ya think" She put her hand on my back, like she was keeping from falling back.

We got back to the Boys. Niall came over to me "You ok love" He yelled. I nodded my head. I saw Pearl telling everyone that were leaving they all made puppy dog faces. She would shrug her shoulders and point to me. I felt so guilty for making us go home.

Pearls P.O.V

It was hard getting Harry away from the blondie but he finally kissed her bye. We all walked out totally different to what we were coming in, first; there was no girls or paparazzi that we could see. Louis was all over the place. Zayn was still buzzing over being DJ, Niall and Nicole were trying to help each other to walk. Me and Liam were the most sober ones out of all of us. Harry on the other was on the ground trying to go to sleep. The others got into the limo with the extra help from Paul.

I knelt down next to Harry "Is it comfy" I asked teasing. He rolled onto his back "Mmmmm almost as comfy as my bed" He yelled sqwintting his eyes and started laughing for no reason. "Were not in the club anymore you dont have to yell" I said giggling "Ohhhh thats ok" He smiled. I got confused "come on Harry lets go" I said as I grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. I held onto his back to stop him from falling. We made it into the limo to see Nicole asleep on Nialls knee. Louis was fasinated by the cars passing on the other side of the window. Liam and Zayn were talking.

Harry flopped down on the free seat and rubbed his eyes before resting his head on the other seat and falling asleep. Paul popped his head through the door "Good to go?" I smiled. "Yes thanks Paul everyones here" Liam said smiling. Paul nodded and shut the door before getting into the front.

When we got home Niall had to carry Nicole up to Harrys appartment before kissing her on the fore head and going to his room. Liam and Zayn went to their own appartments. I took Louis and Harry to Louis appartment. I shook my head at them as they ran around chasing each other. I couldnt help myself from laughing.

As Harry ran past me I grabbed him "I think its time for bed" I whispered in his ear. He got out of my hold and ran to Louis room with Louis behind him shouting something. I heard the door open and Liam walked in "Just thought you might need alittle help" He smiled. He looked pretty tierd "Yeah that would be great" I smiled. We both made our way to louis room. Harry was on the bed asleep with his shoes and clothes on. Louis was getting into his pj's. I walked to Harrys side as Liam went to Louis to help him. I smiled and pulled of his shoes "Liam should I take his jeans off or not?" I asked. Liam continued to help Louis take his top off "Umm yeah that would be good thanks"

I put my fingers aroung the button and pushed it undone then unzipped his jeans. I pulled them off by the end. I pulled on leg at a time till they were off. I looked around the room, I walked to the cuboard then closed it again. I walked in to the lounge and opened a cuboard in thier. I found what I was looking for a blanket. I made my way back to Harry and spread the blanket over him "Night Harry" I said before kissing his cheek. I walked over to Louis and Liam "Night Guys" I said yawning and then kissing them both on the cheek "If you need anything you know where I am" I explained to who ever was listening.

When i got back to Harrys appartment Nicole had spread herself out over the whole bed. I sighed then smiled. I decided I was to tierd to move her so I walked to the cuboard grabbed a few blankets then flopped down and the couch it was comfy.

I slipped my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone I had 13 messages but I couldnt be bothered reading them. I put my phone on silent the slid it onto the glass coffee table. I turned onto my side fell asleep.

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