blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


52. Thinking of you

Nicoles P.O.V

I shook my head as Vinny and the two girls scrambled out of our bed, pulling the blankets over them selves. Pearl walked over to Vincent grabbing his arm and pulling him to the door "Really, did you realy had to fuck them in our bed thats gross!" She spat at him. I wanted to do something but the cheese burgers where too tempting, so I went over to the window sill, sliding the window open alittle so my but would hang out a bit, I pulled out a burger as i watched Pearl, saying how gross and sick it was for Vincent to do that. When he walked away she gently closed the door letting out a sigh. She gave me a little smile as she walked to stand in front of the bed, she ran on hand through her hair.

Pearls P.O.V

I was so angry and disgusted with him. I grabbed the corner of the sheet between my thumb and finger, with a funny look on my face I flicked the sheet off "Yuck" I mumbled to myself. I folded the blankets over and over until it was a tight square shape, "Nicole come pick this up and put it in the wash" I said smiling at her. She gave me a dirty but funny look "Fuck off Im not touching that shit" She poked her tounge out, "Its not like you havent touched his jizz before" I whispered to my self, "What did you just say" She said warningly. I poked my tounge out at her "You heard" I smiled. She got off the window sill and slowly walked towards me shaking her head...... she stopped infront of the full body mirror "Oh my god" She frowned. I walked over to her "What?", "Man Ive gotten fatter" She said surprised, I smiled and shook my head "I told you not to eat all those pies at work, but no...... you still wanted them" i said walking over to the sheets picking them up and walking over to the door. I pushed it open and walked down to vinnys room holding the sheets my full arm length infront of me.

I slowly pushed the door open hoping i wouldnt see anything i didnt want to see, I didnt even look I just through the sheet in then closed the door. I walked off as the shivers ran down my back, It felt like someone was watching me. I turned around looking out the open window, I walked towards it looking in the kitchen as I passed it. I pulled the window closed and looked out towards the flickering street lamp, I saw a man standing on the other side of the road, I quickly grabbed each curtain and pulled them across, "Creepy" I whispered to myself. I got back to the room to find Nicole on the bed with all the empty wrappers from Maccas, "NICOLE!" I yelled as I got closer to see half my food had been eaten. "Holy shit how could you eat that much?" I asked her sitting down on the end of the bed. She shrugged her shoulders "Hungry" was all she said, I shook my head and finished off what was left of my food.

Next Day.......................

I woke up to Nicole kicking me in her sleep, I slammed my hand down on the side table and moved my hand around trying to find my phone, I pressed the bottom button on my phone, the time read 7:00am. I groaned and rolled out of bed knowing I wouldnt beable to go back to sleep, I made my way to the bathroom in my bra and undies, I turned the tap on and washed my face hoping it would wake me up and wash away the sleep. I grabbed the face cloth from the hanger and wiped my face looking in the mirror as i slid the towel down my face, I suddenly felt uneasy and like something was missing....... I missed them I missed the boys, I missed everything that had left my life. I sighed deeply.

Harrys P.O.V

I couldnt sleep, The sence of missing the two bubbly girls I meet in New Zealand, made my stomach turn, I looked back at the blonde popstar in my bed. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping to see them again.

Pearls P.O.V

"Fuck your a sack of potatoes, get up, its 12:30, we need to get out and do something" I complained to Nicole who just pulled the duvy over her head "Ive got my period" She moaned. I squeezed my lips together, making a popping noise as i released them. I reached over to the set of draws and grabbed the packet of tampons pulling on out, I looked back to see Nicole falling back to sleep, I grabbed a few out, and started throwing them at her, one by one the hit her lightly in the face. The box was nearly empty........."OK,OK! ill get up" She said pulling back the blankets. She stomped over to her clothes and grabbed some then stomped off to the shower. I laughed to myself. I walked to Vinnys room, I opened the door "VINNY!!!" I yelled, He jumped, then groaned "What", "Im using your car, ok, cool thanks" I said quickly, then closing the door before he replied. I could her him shout something and get out of bed, I looked around for something I remembered his door locks from the outside and in. I ran over to get his keys, Stumbling with the keys I found the right one, smiling I locked the door, "YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" I heard him yelled. I smiled in triumph, I laughed backing away from the door, I heard the handle wiggle "Shit" I heard him whisper into the door.

I heard footsteps leaving the door and then nothing, I walked closer to the door, going to place my ear on it.............


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