blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


26. The Great 'Gold Coast'

Pearl P.O.V

When i got up. I found my way to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and hair. I pulled out my phone to check the time. My eyes widened in shock "NICOLE GET UP!!"

It took a few minutes for her to come running out, she was in a red basketball top that had the number 18 and 'Vincent' writin on the back, it reached just above her knees. "What, What is it!" she said almost in a whisper, rubbing her eyes. I gave her a look "We only have like 2 hours till we are leave, So hurry your ass up and stop rooting around with Vincent!" I said seriously. She stood there in shock "OH shit ok." She stomped out of the room. She came out later wearing blue high waisted shorts over the basketball top.

I hugged Vincent goodbye, Nicole kissed him on the cheek, He tryed to turn his head to kiss her on the lips but she looked away.

By now I was in the car waiting for her.

Nicoles P.O.V

I turned my head away from his lips "Bye Vincent" I whispered as i turned and walked off.

I hoped in the car it was quiet the whole ride. I didnt know why she was so grrrr. When we got to the airport it was empty. I walked to the entrance and pulled a trolly out and pushed it to the car. It was still quiet when we put our bags on it. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again and looked down.

We went to check in. I pulled the bags off the trolly as Pearl got handed our boarding passes. I looked at the big clock, we still had an hour. We both went and sat in the waiting area. Pearl sat on the single chair and i was on the couch.

1 Hour later.................... The loud speakers crackled as a voice spoke "flight 263 gate 6 now boarding to Gold coast"

Pearl turned her head towards me and half smiled then she stood up.

Pearls P.O.V

I dont know why im being protective of Niall it so strange.

As we got on the plane i could see the men putting the bags in the back end of the plane.

I walked up the stairs to the plane door with Nicole behind me. I looked at the piece of paper that had our seat numbers on it. It was C4, C3. I sat by the window.

I watched the trees and land that will be left behind. They started moving faster and faster. I heard the lady in front of us breathing heavly like she was freaked out, then i saw the man next to her wrap his arms around her "Im her for you, my darling"

We were in the air I couldnt see any thing apart from white clouds and the odd shimmer of ocean. I heard a sobbing and turned to see it was Nicole. I felt myself soften "Whats wrong?" I asked sofly. She sniffed, I handed her a napkin "I feel so bad, I shouldnt of done that to Niall" She whispered. I grabbed her hand "Its ok. its not like you go out, He wont mind" I took my hand off hers. She looked at me with red eyes "Yeah but still...". She lent back in her seat and fell asleep. I looked out the window as the sun started to fade and the darkness was taking over. I felt my eyelids feel heavy. They dropped shut, but i couldnt sleep.

When the plane landed it was sunny. We walked to the door, I felt the hot brezze forse my hair to flow back, I could already feel the sweet build up.

When we got to our hotel Nicole grabbed our bags and therw them on the floor "So what theme park!" she asked in excitment. I looked at her shocked "Why dont we just relax?"

She raised her eyebrow "But were only here for a night and we need to do something" I groaned. She flopped down on the couch "Fine" she said angrily.

That night we just relaxed and talked about the Boys and what time our flight will be tomorrow morning.

I woke up excited to be going to London. I ran and jumped on Nicole. She kicked me off the bed. I hit the floor hard "That was sore" I groaned getting up and rubbing my funny bone. Nicole got up a with her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh "Im sorry!"

We both walked into the kitchen and got a drink of water, it tasted like clourine. I spat it back out into the sink before washing the cups.

I walked to where the bags were. While Nicole called the taxi people "Hello we would like a taxi to the airport in about 20 minutes?" I heard her say. I picked up my bag and sat it on the couch, unzipped it and pulled out black high waisted shorts and a stripy singlet. I put my dirty clothes in a platic bag and shoved it into the suit case. I tied my hair into a messy bun and put a pair of geek glasses on my head. I couldnt be bothered putting makeup on. When Nicole was ready we took our bags down to the front table and handed the keys over.

We got out the front door puffing because our bags were so heavy. The taxi man got out and helped us with our bags. I thanked him. We both got into the back.

As we got closer to the airport, Nicole grabbed my hand and squeazed it in excitment. When the taxi man got trolly for us we chucked our bags on it and paid the taxi man. When we got into the airport our jaws dropped it was huge, 10 times the size of the New Zealand one. We found our way to the check in place, As we waited a black lab dog came around and sniffed our bags, It was fine the lady smiled at us and moved on to the next person.

While we were waiting we got hot pancakes and butter with golden syrup. After waiting for another hour ou flight was called out and we boarded the 27 hour flight.

We got into the plane there was two rows of two seated seats on each side of the plane and a three seated row in the middle of the plane. We got to our seats, I sat by the window again "Yay only 27 hours and 25 minutes till were there" I said phcastically.

The whole flight there me and Nicole had meals and watched Movies; The inbetweeners.

When we got off the plane we walked into an even bigger airport. I could see out side it was pitch black. Which sucked because it would be nice to get a veiw of London city. We made our way to collect our bags. We walked outside. The street lights lit up the path we were walking along. We got to our destenation a black limo.

Chapter 24 Appartment

Pearls P.O.V

The limo driver hopped out and put our bags in the back. I opened the limo door and saw a mini fridge. The black seats wrapped around the whole back part of the limo. I climbed in ducking my head as i got in. Sitting At the back of the limo was Zayn, he had a huge smile on his face. I rushed over to him and wrapped my arm around him and kissed him on the check. I sat down next to him. Nicole did the same thing and sat on the other side of him. I looked at him with a smile on my face "The others dont know ae?" He shook his head "nope i kept my promise" he smiled and winked.

Nicole cleared her throut "You know our plans about the restrant?" He smiled "yeah Pearl told me everything"

Nicole half smiled and looked out the window. I rested my head on Zayns shoulder "Im so tierd" I yawned. I looked over to Nicole she had her head on the window and was slowly falling asleep. I moved my head a bit to get comfortable. He put his head on mine. I fell asleep watching the lights and cars passinging out the window.

I woke up to Zayn blowing on my face and giggling with Nicole. I opened my eyes and groaned. I saw Zayns beautiful eyes sparkling as he smiled "Were here" He said. I sat up and got out of the car re-doing my hair. We grabbed our bags. Zayn helped us as we walked to the elevator. I fell against the wall "im sooo tierd" I repeated. Zayn pushed the button to floor 4. I watched as the numbers ticked up. There was nice claiming music quietly playing. The door dinged as it opened. I sighed and grabbed my suit case handle.

When we got to the room Zayn unlocked the door and lead the way in. I dropped my bag in amayzment. His appartment was flash. The kitchen was white the bench tops were marble. The floor was white tiled. The lounge was on a different level about a step high. The couches were leather and the T.V was flat screen. He had a study and 2 bathrooms. We walked around the appartment in shock. We came to his room, I couldnt wait. He opened the door. His bed was a double king sized bed, with gold blankets. His room was well furnished. I dropped my other bag on the ground, then ran and jumped on the bed, while in the air i turned so i landed on my back, Nicole close behind me. Zayn laughed at us both. I pulled the blankets down not caring if i wasnt ment to sleep there. I looked at Zayn who was looking at us funny. I patted a spot in the middle of us. He slowly walked over yawning. I smiled at him and put my head back down on the pillow. I felt cold air seep in under the blankets. I opened my eyes it was dark.

I felt him slide into the bed wearing nothing but sweat pants.

I heard Nicole scream followed by Zayn quickly putting his hand over her mouth "Sssssh the others are just down the hall"

I giggle. "Sorry.....I felt something crawl on my leg" She whispered. While I lay there I thought of what the restrant would look like. I gave the builders my designs about a year ago. I got help from my parents and Nicoles parents with the cost. I cant wait. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep excited.

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